There are wonderful inspiring events happening across the world every day. Yet they never receive any attention. Somehow it is only the terrible and evil that gets plastered across the TV screens and featured on the news. One inspiring event of note recently occurred in Thailand when over a million children joined hands in meditation. Their aim: motivating change in the world and symbolizing world peace.

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This mega event was titled the “V-Star Change the World”. And took place in the Bangkok temple of Phra Dhammakaya. Thousands of children in traditional orange Buddhist garb made an awe-inspiring image. Who could not be moved by such a picture? The impact of such a mass demonstration was felt by people the world over.

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What is the V-Star Children’s Project?

The V Star is a yearly event. And it’s significance is as spiritual as it is symbolic. The children understand and highlight the fact that mankind has damaged and destroyed the earth. Thus making it our responsibility to heal it. And the V-Star children aim to do just that through prayer and meditation.

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The beginning of the V-Star Children’s Project

The project started in early 2008. And was a derivative of the already existing World Morality Revival Project. The Morality Project was an initiative of the Wat Phra Dhammakaya Temple. When the first event became a great success the temple continued the events making them an annual occurrence.

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Why was the V-Star Children’s Project started

So often children are ignored and sidelined, especially in religion. But the abbot wanted to fully involve the local children and instill in them the desire to do good. By joining the project school children could share their dreams, goals and most importantly good deeds with one another. Creating a productive atmosphere of love and support. Today students from over 7000 Thai schools join the monastery’s project. In fact, recent years have noted participants from the world over.

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The ideology of the temple

The temple welcomes students from the world over. The fact that more and more children show up each year continues to amaze and please them. Because the more students that come the greater the positive energy that is put out into the world. Over 1 million children showed up in the last gathering which is the biggest turn out to date. It is hoped that this number will continue to increase as more and more people, especially children, realize the importance of protecting Mother Nature.

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Meditation and Growth

Meditation allows you to grow as an individual and move past personal egos and attitudes. Moreover, it can help you develop a sense of self. By elevating your intrinsic purpose you become a more balanced individual. When you put positive energy out into the world that positive energy is thrown back at you.

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Science and Meditation

Meditation isn’t just a lot of hocus pocus despite what the critics would have you believe. There is scientific evidence backing the benefits of meditation. For example, centering yourself through meditation increases your body’s generated electromagnetic. Thereby, improving your body’s various functions.

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The positive impact of the V-Star Children’s Project

Just the sheer act of addressing your thoughts and actions can be immensely useful. Because you’re analyzing the value of your life and pushing yourself to be better. So at the very least, the V-Star Children’s Project is instilling good moral values and a broadened awareness in the children of tomorrow. Children are the future. By ensuring that they are worried about the future of the earth Thailand is making the world a better place.

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Preserving the sanctity of the earth and protecting the natural resources of the world should be the foremost goal of every individual. And Thailand is acting as a beacon of positive energy in the morally corrupt world of today. With any luck, this movement will grow exponentially in the years to come until it takes over the world.