With the ever-increasing globalization, population rate and accessibility of education, employment has taken a toll on all of us. Everyone wants to make big bucks but not always are labor markets in our favor. Therefore, people just settle for low-satisfaction jobs that drain their energy and don’t even pay that well. The main aim here is making ends meet.

However, this year, there’s some good news. We’ve found that the rate of unemployment in the US, has gone as low as 4%. Some cities are facing a low labor population. This means that the wage rate in these cities will be pretty good. If your new year’s resolution is to find a better job for yourself, then fear not. Here are 10 cities with amazing job opportunities right now:

1. Fargo, North Dakota

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Currently, Fargo’s most promising industries are; Physiotherapy, Construction, Human Resources, Finance, and Health. The state of North Dakota has an unemployment rate as low as 1.6 percent! They even offer good wages for jobs that don’t need a university degree.

On top of this, the costs of living and apartments are fairly cheap. There’s very low competition in the labor market, which makes it easier to get a good job, too. If you don’t mind the cold, Fargo is the place for you.

2. Columbia, Missouri

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You should expect to see several listings in sales, business, desktop support, government, technology. Over the last decade, Missouri’s employment rate has constantly increased. Their unemployment is only 2.4 %. It’s a huge college city, with high living costs but nothing that a job won’t help you get by with.

3. Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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Oshkosh is usually looking for truck drivers, transporters, nurses, and caretakers. Healthcare and storage industries are very promising industries. Most jobs come with good worker benefits. Low labor supply makes jobs easy to find and secure. Costs of living are very low, and work pressures are not daunting. With a 2.9% unemployment rate, Oshkosh is an easy city to work in.

4. Honolulu, Hawaii

You might expect it to be tourism but you’re wrong. The most promising industries in Honolulu are Real Estate, Attorney, Construction, and Education. Law and engineering work pay extremely well. Hawaii has a 4.5 % unemployment rate; the 8th lowest in the United States, which makes it a matter of pride for the state. Honestly, there should really be no question here. I mean, do you even need to weigh the pros and cons? It’s Hawaii, we’re talking about.

5. Ames, Iowa

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Ames is the place for you if you’re having a hard time finding a job in the tech industry. Software engineers are high in demand. Other prospective industries include; Transportation, Storage, Healthcare, and Driving.

The town has a number of businesses that have just begun and are looking for skilled labor. The unemployment rate is only 2.2 %, even though the population is that small.

6. Lincoln, Nebraska

With a 2.3% employment rate, it should be easy for you to find a good job. Nebraska lacks labor in Construction, Real Estate, Information Technology, and Receptionists. Lincoln is considered to have the best employment opportunities for entrepreneurs or young professionals who are fresh out of college.

7. Lewiston, Idaho

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The usual; Healthcare, Truck driving, Nursing, Transportation and Storage, Business are industries looking for labor in Idaho, currently. The state has successfully brought about 1.7 Million of its population towards profession. The high demands for jobs in the market also make the pay pretty neat. Lewiston is the second largest city in Idaho, and to thrive in the labor market, having a college degree does wonders. If you like the hype that comes with a metropolis, this might be the place for you.

8. Des Moines, Iowa

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Iowa’s got more than enough jobs, but not enough workers. Popular industries like Human Resources, Construction, Real Estate, and Information Technology always have openings. All kinds of workers, from Ph.D. level scientists to factory workers, can find a good paying job in Des Moines. The unemployment rate is 2.2%, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to increase anytime soon.

9. Wausau, Wisconsin

Wausau is looking for labor in the Accounting, Healthcare, Technology, Sales, Transportation and Storage industries. Yep, you’re thinking right. That’s a lot of industries. Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is only 3.4%, and what makes things even better is their cheap cost of living and transportation.

10. Minneapolis, Minnesota

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The easiest industries for scoring a good job in Minneapolis are Nutrition, Travel, E-Commerce, Construction and Health Care. The Twin Cities job market is in dire need of technically skilled labor. Life Science, Bio-Technology and Health Care will pay you very well for your qualifications and work. It is predicted that 2015-2020, all of Minnesota’s unemployment rate will remain about 0.5 %. Overall incomes are also relatively higher than other states in the US. Minneapolis is the place to be, with its lively city ad college culture. If you’re already sold, just remember to pack a snow coat and boots before you leave for the airport.