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Alcoholism – one of the most popular diseases in the world. Leading to countless cases of domestic violence, road accidents and incidents of assaults every year alcohol addiction ruins thousands of lives. Governments attempt to curtail its affects by setting restrictions and limitations.


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Experts discuss the reasons for alcohol addiction and companies promote their products. Amidst all of that people wonder whether going sober is worth it. Here are 10 common things people realize when they quit drinking alcohol.


  1. Physical Health

Quitting alcohol drastically improves your physical health. Your skin becomes clearer, your mind becomes sharper and your energy levels shoot up. Additionally, inconveniences like headaches, migraines, hangovers and nausea become a thing of the past.


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  1. Mental Health

Mental health and alcoholism are closely entwined. Removing this vice from your routine leads to reduced stress, increased self-esteem, decreased depression and improved memory. After quitting alcohol people notice huge improvements in their mental health.


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  1. Better Sleep

Your quality of sleep can make or break your life. When you’re better rested you can manage all the various aspects of your life more effectively. But people who drink a lot of alcohol find it harder to go to sleep. And even when they do their sleep is restless and uneasy. A good sleep is the first thing people appreciate after they quit drinking.


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  1. Improve Empathy

The way you treat others is greatly influenced by whether or not you’ve been drinking. And studies have shown that people who quit drinking alcohol are more empathetic, less self-absorbed and easier to get along with.


  1. Save Money

A lot of people don’t realize how big an expense alcohol actually is. Depending on how often and how much you’re drinking alcohol may be taking up a huge chunk of your salary. If you’re regularly going to the club you may be wasting money on expensive drinks. By going sober you can save money to pay off debt, invest in insurance, travel or start a retirement fund.


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  1. Save Time

Time is the most priceless commodity. And when you’re not spending all your evenings at the bar you find yourself with a lot of free time on your hands. You can use this time constructively to learn a skill or increase your income streams. So instead of wasting your time you’re capitalizing on opportunities to improve your life.


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  1. Improve Social Skills

A popular myth is that alcohol improves people’s social skills by lowering their inhibitions. This is in fact a lie. And it is only after they quit drinking alcohol that people can start socializing of their own accord and forming true bonds. You find out that drinking alcohol actually ruins your ability to socialize. And it is quite easy to have fun while sober.


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  1. Solving Problems

The biggest reason for massive alcohol consumption today is because it provides an easy escape for people. But the truth is that it is only after you stop drinking and start taking constructive steps towards solving your problems that you find true happiness. More often than not drinking and avoidance actually make your problems worse.


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  1. Fewer Regrets

Drinking a lot of alcohol puts you in situations that you will regret later in life. Because alcohol lowers your inhibitions and makes you do things you wouldn’t normally do. So while you might be tempted to strip in the middle of a party while drunk. You see the situation quite differently while sober in the light of day.


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  1. Better Judgment

When people stop drinking alcohol they become better judges of personality. And often the crowds an alcoholic would associate with are not the same groups a sober person would associate with. Because people who stay under the influence crave and actively seek out wreckless adrenalin fueled situations. Often toxic circumstances attract toxic people into your life.


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