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Posted by Rezvani Motors on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Luxury cars are the in thing and have always been for those who can actually afford them. Be it a BMW or Mercedes, the world isn’t short on options.

But there are also social classes within the luxury category as well. As much as we’d like, each car is placed at a certain price. These prices can vary from the kind of whip you want to show off in. You can purchase something from $50’000 all the way up to multi-million dollars.

Those high-end luxury vehicles are only affordable to high-profile people, like A-listers and star athletes. But apart from the Bugatti’s and Ferrari’s, there’s one other category of luxury cars that aren’t suited to the global taste. And those are high-end SUVs. Sure, people like to purchase one SUV at least, but there are different kinds of them as well, just like the other supercars.

One company that is famous for their SUVs is Jeep. And of their best performing vehicles is a Jeep Wrangler. Sure, these are priced not too high not too low, but the company had to produce something of value for those who are willing to pay big bucks, and that’s where the Rezvani Tank comes in.

Jamie Foxx is one of the proud owners of this unbelievable beast of a car. The base model alone costs around $178,000. But for this car, the sky is the limit. It can be beefed up with armor, alongside other amazing customization options. So let’s take a look at 10 cool things the Extreme Utility Vehicle has to offer.

1. Extra Comfort

Close up of the beautiful Nappa leather interior seats by Alea Leather in the Rezvani Tank @alealeather #laautoshow2017 #madeintheusa

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All the excessive trucks out there have one thing in common, and that is that they’re extremely uncomfortable. But that’s not the case with this tank. The company offers luxury at its peak. They also offer leather seats, piled with suede headliners, so that the driver or owner can experience the same kind of luxury they would in any other SUV.

2. Ballistic Armour

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Posted by Rezvani Motors on Thursday, February 15, 2018

Since the tank is more of a protection based vehicle, it should come with the best kind of protection there is. And Jeep certainly did not disappoint. There are three types of protective upgrades you can apply, called  B4, B6, and B7.

B7 includes B7 rated glass that can withstand an RPG. But it’ll cost you around an extra $97’000.

3. Bomb Protection

Rezvani TANK ready for take off #jetsetter #luxurylife #airport

Posted by Rezvani Motors on Thursday, February 1, 2018

Staying on the topic of protection, sometimes you need a little extra. Sure, only politicians and state heads need excessive protection, but if you’re someone who fears for his life, then this is your best option. The B7 protection also includes bomb protection. So you can relax and not worry about anything getting to you, not even a bomb.

4. Electrified Door Handles

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Keeping yourself protected inside the car is one thing, but what about the protection of the car from let’s say carjackers. Well, that isn’t a problem for the tank. You can get electrified door handles so if anyone tries any funny business, the handle delivers electric shocks to them on its own.

5. Tack Dispenser

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Posted by Rezvani Motors on Thursday, November 9, 2017

If you enjoy watching sci-fi movies, you’ll notice that sometimes the getaway cars are equipped with tack dispensers which are used to get other cars off your tail. Well, now it’s a reality with the Rezvani Tank. It can deploy Tack dispensers in the need for a getaway. Giving the driver an intense James Bond vibe.

6. Gas Masks

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Is there anything that this car doesn’t have? All cars usually contain a first-aid kit. But the Rezvani takes it a step beyond and includes fully functional gas masks. Since no car is airtight, you can now stay protected even in case of a chemical attack.

7. FLIR vision system

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The more you read about this XUV, the more unrealistic it sounds. The car is equipped with a FLIR vision system that not only gives you access to night vision, but also heat vision. This allows for the passengers to identify threats without having to turn on the lights and make their escape in complete secret.

8. Reinforced Suspension And Military Run Flat Tires

The protection package does have its perks, and this is one of them. In order to stop any car, the tires are targeted. But that won’t be stopping a Rezvani. The vehicle can be upgraded with reinforced suspension and military tires, allowing it to go anywhere anytime regardless of the complications.

9. Extremely Bright Lights

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High beams are a nuisance some drivers just cannot avoid. And it causes issues for other drivers all the time at night time. But the Rezvani takes the prize on this one as well. Staring directly into its lights is just like looking right at the sun, resulting in instance sight-loos. Temporary of course.

10. Heads Up Display

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There had to be some sort of normality in the unusual car, and that is the display system. Much like other vehicles, the display includes controls to the rest of the car. Just so that the driver has access while driving. It displays navigation, incoming calls, and plenty of other options as well.