Which is the strongest country? This depends entirely on your system of measurement. Some calculate the strength of a country by the amount of power of its passport. While others use military might to determine strength. So here are 10 countries that are impossible to invade.

1. Iran

The military might of this nation is so extreme that many refer to it as ‘Fortress Iran’. Not without its fair share of enemies, Iran has had squabbles with powerful enemy states. For example, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United States of America. However, Iran has been successfully been defending its sovereignty since the Second World War. With 500,000 soldiers, 1658 tanks, 137 war planes, dozens of underground missile stations and possibly nuclear weapons it’s no surprise.

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2. Australia

You wouldn’t think Australia capable of earning a spot on this list. But you’d be surprised. A huge part of this is the country’s geographical advantages. Australia is mostly barren desert and happens to be surrounded by leagues of open seas. And don’t even get us started on the Australian Outback. In fact, the closest major military threat is Japan which is more than 11,000 km away.

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3. Russia

To date, no army has ever successfully conquered Russia. And this includes some of the strongest armies and military commanders in history including Napoleon and Hitler. Both tried to invade this great nation and admitted defeat in only a few years. Russia has the fifth largest army in the world. Additionally, it is the largest country in the world. And most of it is covered in snow and mountain. When the Nazis tried to invade them the Russians simply retreated leaving their enemies to freeze and starve to death.

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4. North Korea

North Korea is at the forefront of global politics. And Kim Jong Un has made it known that they are not a nation to be messed with. With 1,000,000 soldiers, 4200 tanks, 222 wartime aircraft and their open threats regarding nuclear warfare tensions are high. And despite their blatant disregard for other nations on the global forum no country is looking to invade North Korea.

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5. Bhutan

This small country boasts a population of only 800,000 and is located in a secluded area deep within the Himalayas at an elevation of 3000m above sea level. Additionally, Bhutan despite its own meager military force of only 6000 also has the full backing of the Indian army.

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6. Israel

Of all the countries in the world, Israel might perhaps be the most hated. And that too for the very fact that it exists. The country has fought 8 wars and has only been an official state for 69 years. However, it has never lost or been invaded. Boasting an army of 176,000 Israel requires all women to commit to 24 months of mandatory service and all men to commit to 36 months of mandatory service. That adds up to 1.5 million civilians with military training.

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7. Canada

Canada has three things protecting it from invasion. Its well trained and highly equipped army of 95,000, below freezing temperatures, and its location between icy waters and the United States its biggest ally.

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8. Switzerland

Almost everyone has heard a Switzerland joke or reference at least once in their life. That is because Switzerland is renowned for its neutral stance. Additionally, their army has over 150,000 troops trained to fight in their mountainous terrain.

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9. Japan

Despite being one of the oldest countries in existence Japan has never been invaded or conquered. The closest this country ever came to military defeat was when the United States attacked it with nuclear weaponry. And even then it wasn’t invaded. As of 2016, Japan spends more than $40 billion a year building its military might that includes 250,000 soldiers and 600 tanks. Moreover, they have the fifth largest air force in the world.

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10. USA

With a military budget of more than $596 billion a year, it’s no surprise the United States of America is on this list. Here’s a comparison. President Trump has proposed a $54 billion increase in the military budget. This is the equivalent of 80 percent of Russia’s military budget.

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