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Dealing with our love lives is not easy as it sounds. A time might come when we have a partner who will turn out to be a blessing or we might get in trouble by having a partner who will make our lives miserable. The key is to know what sort of people your partners are. If you are in a relationship with a person who destroys your personality and uses you for their own benefits, you might be involved with a sociopath.

Sociopaths will show their love for you as if you mean the whole world to them. They will make you believe that they are the perfect person to become your second half. They are opportunists who will take advantage of your money, yourself, your links and every other thing which they think can prove to be fruitful for them. The moment they achieve their target, they leave you and look for another one.

There are ways which can help you and prevent you from being a victim of a sociopath. Look for these 10 signs in your partner. If you manage to find them, leave them before you become a victim.

1.  They can pretty much sweep you off your feet

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They possess a magnetic personality, which will make them irresistible to you. They will act and say the right things and show their maximum love and compassion towards you. This will make you trust them with all your heart.

2. They’re full of themselves

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The way they behave will make you believe that they are the best. They will do everything in their power to convince you that they are the one for you.

3. They shower you with attention

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Their first priority will always be to give you attention. They will hardly ever leave you alone. They will listen to whatever you have to say with complete attention. They do not like when other people interact with you.

4. They appear to have a split personality

They will depict a weird and confusing attitude towards you. At times they will love you and suddenly they will transform into someone who hates you a lot. They show this dual personality to keep you confused and guessing.

5. They don’t take responsibility for anything

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They never accept responsibility for the problems in their lives. They have a habit of blaming the others for everything. According to them, even their own mistakes are not their fault.

6. Their stories never add up

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The stories they tell you are all fabricated and full of lies. It’s hard for you to believe in the stories they tell you because they never make any sense. If you inquire about something not making sense, they will try to deviate your attention.

7. Them looking at you creeps you out

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They way they look at you makes you extremely uncomfortable. You try to avoid eye contact as much as possible to make things less awkward.

8. They seem to be in a rush

They always seem to be in a hurry to do things. They are always anxious to finish things off as soon as possible. Even in the relationship, they will try and make things move forward quickly.

9. They exploit your compassion

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They would tell you the sad stories about them. By doing so they manage to win you sympathy and compassion. Once you feel sorry for things that have happened to them, they will make you do things for them.

10. You’re physically drawn to them

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The physical attraction between both of you keeps increasing and you find it really difficult to stay away from them.

Once you have managed to locate these sings in your partner, try to get rid of them as soon as possible. They are not only destroying you as a person, they are destroying you financially and socially as well.

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