So, you have come here because your partner is a deep thinker or are you the one who ruins everything with your ability to over think? Whatever the case is, there is no denying in the fact that over thinkers have a hard time for most of the things in life. But among them all, love stands of utmost importance as it keeps us going.

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To make people understand the mindset of deep thinkers, here are few of the most commonly observed reasons of why it is hard for deep thinkers to love.

1. They Are Great Idealists

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Deep thinkers are all about their own ideas or what keeps running in their mind for days. They would think about their own ideas so much, that sometimes it might become very complex for them to make it possible or it even leads to them having no emotions to express as well. In relation to that, if they listen to anything from you which they might consider correct, they will stick with it. Hence, be careful before you speak in front of them!

2. They Would Say Love Isn’t Enough

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Unfortunately, we live in a depressing world where even love faces a lot of criticism. Deep thinkers are skeptical by nature and therefore they would analyze the power of love to a point that you might not have even thought of. They believe that love alone can’t sustain for long, a lot of other factors count in too.

3. They Rationalize Their Feelings

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They need to have a reason for their feelings or else they might even push themselves to break up with you. Such people talk with themselves and even attack their feelings to know their answers about any particular thing. However, they also realize that it’s hard to comprehend what they feel and their decisions eventually will also hurt people related to them. But they can’t help it.

4. They Will Only Depend On Themselves

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If there is one thing about deep thinkers that the whole world would like, then that is their independence. Whether it is about achieving their career goals or managing relationships and feelings in personal life, they always stand up for themselves and do everything that they think is right without any help.

5. They Are Generally Damaged People And Might Even Use Relationships To Heal Themselves

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Be careful of the holes that such people might be looking out to fill by being with you. Deep thinkers are really well aware of their weakness and insecurities so sometimes they look for a relationship to fix themselves. Even not getting the right healing, can make them think about leaving.

6. They Might Even Point Out Your Flaws To Defend Their Own

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Like I said, while deep thinkers know about the loopholes in their character very much, they will also deviate towards pointing out your flaws too, just because they can’t do anything about their own. In most cases, there is also a probability of them making extremely big issues out of nothing.

7. They Only Trust What They See

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They will only believe in what their eyes see. Such lovers would still go for a person’s inherent character instead of feelings. For them what stands in their brain matters more than anything in their heart.

8. High Standards

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With their ability to think so much, deep thinkers want the best out of life. For that matter, before they start loving someone, they make sure that the person is truly deserving and can keep them happy by fulfilling their expectations.

9. They Hesitate To Love

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You won’t ever find an overthinking person talking about their emotions openly. They would always be neutral in such situations to keep themselves at peace, a lot of which is actually a proof being independent.

10. They Have Big Fears

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While they are not emotional, one feeling that really disturbs them a lot is fear. Thinking too much can also make a person more coward.