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Dreams allow us to have a bright future and probably that is why it is so difficult to pursue them for everyone. It is not necessary that having dreams would only mean to do things like winning the next Nobel prize, it can be anything as small as giving a home and happy life to your family.

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But while we get on the way to achieve them, most of us give up on our dreams. We often accept our failures because of the consequences that come along with it in the form of hardships. However, there is also a possibility out there to change things if we just try to understand the reasons for giving up in the first place.

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Let’s have a look at some of the most common reasons why people give up and what you can do if you are stuck in the same situation.

1- They Failed Again

Failing multiple times can definitely hurt and it impacts your motivation level as well. But, success comes in with a lot of failures.

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People often try with their best attempts and when they fail, they just accept it without trying again. This eventually leads them back to their comfort zone. Everyone here would love to chill on their couch, earn decent money and live a normal life like others but dreams require sacrifice.  

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Even if you have just failed last night, get up, work on the problem and try again. Trust me, turning your dream into reality will be way better than this temporary comfort and monotonous routine.

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2- They accepted no

With every dream, there will be someone standing right in front of you saying ‘this isn’t possible.’ Your job is to ignore this opinion and make it happen.

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If some publication house has just turned you down, keep writing because that no is just an excuse. Magic will definitely happen if you just focus on your work and make it better. So, don’t listen to anyone who says no, in fact, find someone who values your talent.

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3- They don’t understand their failure

Sure, sometimes it can be because of bad luck or when things were not under your control. But, more often than not, our failures are a result of our effort and hence, we can learn and improve from them.

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Failure can teach you more than success ever will.

4- Boredom strikes like thunder

Boredom is one of the most dangerous things that can affect our chances of success. On one hand, it gives you that much-needed break where you can revise your strategy and try again in a different way. While on the other, it can totally demotivate you for achieving your target.

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Add some variety in your day to escape from boredom.

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