According to statistics, nearly 80% of the people leave their new year resolutions by February and more than half of the percentage gives up in the second week of January itself. So, that leads up to a high probability that we both can end up falling in this category. Some of you might have even turned pessimists by now thinking that changing of digits cannot help in changing your life as long as you really want to change. But there is no denying in the fact that we all look for a starting point so then why not choose for new beginnings on new years?

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Do you know that the craze for achieving your new year resolutions is getting up to a level that people even buy courses online to train themselves for completing their plans in the year? But since all cannot do that, we are here with an opportunity for you with which you can learn the secret of setting your goals and achieving them at the right time. You will experience a drastic change only if you understand and adopt these 15 tips for your current year’s resolutions.

1. Self-realization

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As long as you don’t really realize anything, you would never change it. Sometimes we get so busy in our zones that we don’t even prefer realizing the impact of certain things in our lives till the time it starts to hurt us badly. Be brave and accept your wrongdoings in front of a mirror. It’s time to realize your actual worth and get away from things that are stopping you to become your own self.

2. Confront your beliefs

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If you think you can or think you cannot, you are most probably right. Everything in your life is a result of how you think. If you are fat or poor, it is because your brain has always given you excuses with the circumstances around you. For sure, it might be the protective of you but it is definitely stopping you from accepting the fact that you are not working hard enough because of your beliefs.

3. Analyze Your Past Performance

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Let’s take a look at your previous year. Were you really able to achieve all that you planned of or at least some part of it? If you just become honest with your past performance, you will also come up with conclusions and ways on how to improve those certain things in your life this year.

4. Segmentation & Evaluation

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You need to categorize things in your life according to your emotional, physical, intellectual and financial needs. A good performance in every segment would result in the kind of life that you always wanted to live. Be very critical and blunt in what you want and what you don’t in these segments.

5. Only Keep 5 Goals outside your comfort zone

Most of you skip the above steps only to start from setting goals whereas, the truth is that you cannot decide your goals without actually knowing what you really want. The most basic reason of not achieving your new year goals is that either you don’t have enough motivation for those things in your life or there are too many goals outside your comfort zone which make it all seem impossible.

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Set 5 goals which are realistic but difficult for you to attain so while you are about to push yourself out of the comfort zone, you would know that with the right motivation and hard work, you can achieve it. Moreover, the purpose of these goals should be to bring the change you always wished for because the feeling of what would happen after you win keeps you striving for it.

6. Make a plan to achieve those goals

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This is one of the most important things to make your resolutions come true. If you aren’t planning well, you would never be able to achieve them. Plan your goals according to levels, in which you should start off with the smallest one first even if it is very easy. Little by little, the levels would increase and goals will also become difficult. But that exercise of doing a thing regularly which you started in the first place would help you to keep going in the difficult phase.

7. Deadline Goals vs Habit Goals

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If you want to lose 20 kg weight, that cannot happen within days or weeks. For that, you would have to develop habits which will assist you in your deadline goal. By putting these both kinds of goals separate but interrelated, you would always have a clear picture in your mind of what you are doing and therefore you won’t ever lose interest. For your help, it takes 21 days to develop a habit.

8. Find Partners

Journeys become more interesting and easy if you have the right companions along with you. Most of the times, we shape ourselves according to the company around us without even actually realizing it. Look for a partner who is motivated for the kind of goals that you want to achieve and be friends with them to a level that they should always even scold you to keep going on lazy days. Stick to them till the time you don’t feel the change.

9. Quarterly Self-Analysis and Adjustments

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Get yourself a result of the first three months and be very critical about how you have performed in that period. With this, you would be able to understand the kind of things you need to improve for better results and also set higher goals if you have already achieved it. More importantly, you need to know where you are in your journey.

10. Plan Your Celebrations

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Success needs to be celebrated because you worked hard for it. Without rewards, victory might not feel as sweet as it should be. Your celebration can include anything, from a nice holiday ticket to buying yourself an expensive thing. A reward as a result of achieving goals is always the most valuable factor of motivation.

You are not late as 2019 has just started. You have the guide now to achieve whatever you want to so don’t waste time and get on the road!