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Men and Women have always had their fair share of differences. While on one hand, men act from impulse alone, women are considered to be much more calculated. Which is why it’s fairly easy to be trapped in a situation where a guy simply doesn’t know what to do.

It’s no one’s fault really. Where guys can be considered simple and quick, women are considered just as complex. Which is why the least men can do is watch what comes out of their mouth. What may be a quick impulse and a reflex action for a man, it can be extremely effective for a woman, both positively and negatively.

Our golden aim today is to try and list out just some of the things that will keep a man out of trouble. Be if your wife, girlfriend, mother or even sister, there are things that should never cross your thought process. So here are the ten things you should never say to a woman:

Are you on your period?

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Men, when they cannot explain irregular behavior from a woman, always take the high road. They tend to blame it on the menstrual cycle a woman goes through each month. That being said, it is common knowledge that women experience mood swings during this time. But to highlight this fact during it will land you in trouble. So avoid it as much as possible. Because if they’re actually on it, they’ll get mad, and if they’re not on it, they’ll still get mad.

Have you gained some weight?

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The response to this question would want to go and live in the depths of hell rather than experience what is about to come. If you actually notice a girl has gained a few pounds, it probably means that she’s already gone over the fact hundreds of times in front of the mirror. Highlighting it will not only hurt her but trust me, she will hurt you too. Instead, opt for the opposite. ‘You look thinner’.

Is it our anniversary?

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Emotions and sentimental moments are always at an all-time high in the mind of a woman. So it’s important you acknowledge that and try not to hurt it in any way possible. One of those important things is important dates. The day you met, when you had your first kiss, birthdays and so on. But the most important one is the anniversary date. So do not forget it. Take the hint and try to figure out what day it is.

Your friend is hot

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One of the lines that may permanently damage a relationship. So be careful. If you find one of her friends attractive, there is no possible way to say it nicely or without hurting her. If someone is pretty to you, then in her head she already feels below the person. So do not feed into her insecurity. It’s better to just remain quiet and not say anything at all.

You need to relax

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If a heated argument is on its way, and you hear somewhat of a scream, never ever ask her to calm down. The only thing you will ever get out of this is the opposite. If a woman has something built up, it’s a calculated response. Let her get it out, you might be wrong. Its just an expressing technique so go along with it. Because if you don’t, it will only get worse.

Sorry, I wasn’t listening

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If she’s ever saying something, make sure you’re listening to her. Because sooner or later there will be questioning and if she finds out you did not pay attention, it will land you in trouble. However, it’s only natural that you cannot pay attention all the time. So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you’ve missed out on something, improvise. Get her to say something again, nod, disagree, agree or do anything that is required in the moment to make her believe you were listening.

Why are you so tired?

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If she’s tired, take care of her. Pamper her. Give her chocolates, pizza or go well and beyond and cook for her. Keep her happy and she will do it in return for you as well. But NEVER ask her why she is tired. She is usually tired because her day was super long. Women usually deal with more things than guys do, they just do not see it often. So if by any chance she seems tired, she deserves the rest.

My Ex…

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Nothing good will ever come for you if your sentence starts with that line. If you ever mention your ex, even doing it in a negative sense can trigger a hefty response on your hands. Be very careful when dealing with this. Don’t compare, because that will be the biggest mistake you’ll make. Women cannot deal with ex-lovers jumping into the conversation, especially in comparison.

What about your past?

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Women absolutely despise insecure men. And rightly so, nobody wants a guy who questions what a girl has done with other people. Does it even matter? What she did shouldn’t even matter if she’s currently with you. Try to enjoy what you have rather than dwell on something she did prior to you. It’s not even relevant.

She’s just a friend

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Never use this phrase to describe a woman hanging out with you to your girlfriend. If she’s jealous or merely curious, in their mind, the word friend usually means more than a friend. And women hate been fooled around. You can come up with something else. Like she’s a coworker, or a classmate or anything. Just don’t say that she’s just a friend because once you do, in her mind the other girl is definitely not just a friend.

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