The bond between human beings and animals goes back to times unknown. Their relation has been of friendship and of animosity, of endearment and of fear. Animals have always been kept in domestic sphere for various purposes but when someone decided to keep an animal at home as a pet is not known. Animals are always considered to be loyal companions of their masters.

There are some animals are very common as pets – cats, dogs, fish, birds. Did you know that according to a report, 13.4 million people had reptiles as their pets, and 13.8 million people had horses domesticated as of 2013? But there is an ever-increasing population, including many famous celebrities, which are keeping exotic animals as their animals.

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Exotic animals are the uncommon, unique and rare animals. They are numinous and fantastic. They have an aura of novelty around them, as of belonging to some far away land or possessing some eccentric qualities. Those animals can also be called exotic which are not commonly kept as pets. They are expensive to keep as a pet, and because they are rare and often extinction that it is often illegal to keep them as pets. But in many countries and states, there are laws legalizing their being kept as pets.

Exotic animals range from most dangerous to the laziest, smallest to humongous, reptiles and amphibians, all sort. Some of them are:

  • Sloths,
  • Frogs,
  • Tarantulas,
  • Ocelots,
  • Different kinds of monkeys,
  • Crocodiles,
  • Various species of birds, reptiles, and critters etc.

Many celebrities have exotic pets and they keep appearing in their social media feeds from time to time. Let’s have a look at some of the exotic animals owned by stars.

1 – Justin Bieber

Image source: Instagram/justinbieber

Image Source: Instagram/justinbieberThe Canadian teenage sensation, aged 24, owns a chimpanzee and a python named Johnson. He took his chimpanzee along with him to some tours too and appeared on red carpets with his python on his hand. He also owned a hamster but he disowned it eventually.

2 – Mike Tyson and his exotic pets:

The world-famous boxer owns not only pigeons but three tigers. He spent a lot of money on their maintenance before going bankrupt.

Image Source: instagram/Mike Tyson

3 – Kristen Stewart and wolves:

The Twilight Saga actress, Kristen Stewart, has grown up with wolves and has a great affinity for them. Her mom had adopted few wolves and dogs (and wolf-dog hybrids too) when the actress was a child and she adores them. In her Twilight movies too, she has appeared with wolves.

Image Source: instagram/Jules Stewart

4 – George Clooney and Max the pig:

Image Source: Facebook/Clooney Clan

One of the most successful actors of Hollywood, Clooney, own a dog named Einstein. But once he had a pot-bellied, Vietnamese, black pig named Max. According to the actor’s interview, “he (the pig) runs the house”. He often joked that the pig was actually the only loyal companion he has in life. But their relation met a tragic end when Max died of old age.

5 – Reese Witherspoon and her many eccentric pets:

Image Source: Instagram/Reese Witherspoon

41 years old, American actress, Reese owns many pets but the unique of all are two donkeys named Tonky and Honky. The pet lover owns horses too. She has a farm where she keeps her animal and takes pride in them. She also has dogs and she engages her children in taking care of the animals too.

6 – Richard Branson and island full of exotic pets:

Image Source: Instagram/Richard Branson

The founder of Virgin groups is one of the richest men and a philanthropist. He owns a private island which is a sanctuary for rare, exotic animals. Many animals can be found there enjoying their natural habitat.

7 – Mark Zuckerberg and Beast:

Image Source: Instagram/zuck

The founder of Facebook and owner of Instagram and Whatsapp owns Beast – a Hungarian sheepdog. The dog is a beautiful fluffy little creature, with its own Facebook official page. Mark and his wife got it in 2011.

8 – Leonardo DiCaprio and Tortoise:

Image Source: Instagram/Leonardo DiCaprio

The Titanic famed actor owns a 38-pound tortoise. Tortoise are known to live a long life. He purchased it in 2010 for $400.

9 – Miley Cyrus and her pets:

Image Source: Instagram/Miley Cirus

Although Miley Cyrus owned a number of dogs, cats and fish a unique one is the pig. She is known to be very attached to it and has appeared in many pictures of her pet pig.

10 – Kirstie Alley and Lemurs:

Image Source: Instagram/Kirstie Alley

This American actress owns 14 lemurs and she is crazy about them. She can trick even airport security for them! According to her, they are “Zen”. An estimate says that her lemurs are worth $2.4 million!

11 – Slash and his reptiles:

Slash 's Instagram
Image Source: Instagram/Slash

The Guns N’ Roses band member Slash owns many snakes and reptiles which appear often on his Instagram account. His house has cages in walls, holding his many exotic pets including Boa constrictor and pythons. He takes special care to provide them with their habitat-like conditions.

12 – Tori Spelling and Hens:

This American actress is an avid pet lover and owns horses and hens along with other pets. Her Instagram feed is often graced by pictures of her kids and her pets.

Image Source: Instagram/Tori Spelling

So here are 12 celebrities owning peculiar, expensive and exotic pets? Which one will you like to own?