With the recent wave of inventions in the tech industry, we now see promising products every year that break the internet even with prototypes. There is no doubt that each of these inventions is aiming to make human life better than before.

Image Source: Pexels/ Pixabay

Fortunately, we are living in an era which has seen the most number of technological advancements and professionals like innovators, entrepreneurs and engineers are making wishes come into reality for everyone.

That being said, in 2019 we are about to enter into a more smart and exciting world as the year has already started with some really interesting inventions which are listed below.

1. Xbox Adaptive Controller

Image Source: Facebook/ Xbox

Microsoft has recently developed Xbox Adaptive Controller which will now let individuals with limited mobility play their favorite games. The product has been made possible with great input by the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. Moreover, you can also create a custom controller experience according to your requirements.

2. Gravity Blankets

Image Source: Facebook/ Gravity Blanket

You can now reduce your stress while being in bed as this super comfortable blanket is made especially for the ones who have trouble sleeping or are currently fighting with anxiety. Gravity is known as a therapeutic weighted blanket that equals to the 10% weight of your body and was introduced as a Kickstarter campaign.

3. LynQ

Image Source: Facebook/ LynQ

LynQ is here to keep you connected to your friends or family members at an event or festival without the use of Wi-Fi connection. This compass-like device provides real-time tracking if your loved one is lost somewhere.

4. Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit

Image Source: Facebook/ 7Gadgets

You can now create magic with the Harry Potter wand included in this kit which is yet again another brilliant product by Kano Computing that makes children learn about the basics of coding.

5. The Mirror

The Mirror is Here!

Meet MIRROR. The world’s first nearly invisible, interactive home gym, that brings live and on-demand fitness classes right to your home is available now! Learn more and get yours at

Posted by Mirror on Thursday, September 6, 2018

A modern mirror that will help you in achieving all of your fitness goals in 2019. It can be your perfect gym partner at home, as the device streams live workout sessions along with an interactive fitness coach.

6. Habit Aware

Image Source: Facebook/ Sheila Hedlund, The Skin Fairy

Do you wish for a friend that is always there for you to stop you from bad habits throughout the day? HabitAware can play that role in your life as this band vibrates every time when it catches you doing the bad habit, only if you are willing to give up, of course.

7. Zipline

Image Source: Facebook/ INDEX: Design To Improve Life

Zipline wishes to improve the lives of people living in remote areas. It does that by delivering vital supplies and blood, all with the help of drones, which can carry 2 kilos at 128 kph and covers up to 160 kilometers (round trip)

8. Thor Et-One

Image Source: Facebook/ TMS Truck Masters

It might look like Optimus Prime’s cooler cousin at first glimpse, but this electric semi truck is giving some serious competition to Tesla. It is a powerful vehicle that can carry up to 36,000 kilos for 300 miles while keeping the planet green.

9. Philips Somneo

Image Source: Facebook/ I Love Savings

Philips wants people to wake up with a better alarm clock this year and to make that happen, the company has introduced Somneo, a device which stimulates a natural sunrise every morning.

10. ICON

Image Source: Facebook/ Singapore 3D Printing Community

To overcome the challenge of homelessness, ICON surprised everyone with a fully functioning 350 sq. feet home that was just built in 48 hours along with the help of a 3D printer.

11. Gravity Jet Suit

Image Source: Facebook/ Sunil JI

If you ever wished to fly then you should buy this suit by Gravity right away. It has 1,050 horsepower system that uses five mini-jet engines to make you reach for the sky at 80 kph.

12. Room One

Image Source: Facebook/ Room
Sometimes an open office gets very annoying for employees. Tackle the distractions with Room One as they offer workers soundproof workroom for their comfort.