The first week of the first month of 2018 is elapsing by. People are embracing the New Year with new zest and optimism, leaving behind the ordeals they went through last year. Chances are you’ve compiled a list of myriads of New Year resolutions that you somehow reluctantly want to pursue. You certainly don’t deserve to let last year’s negative experiences and emotions overcome your happiness and self-image.

Almost everyone deserves and wishes to be happy. But what can we do to make happiness a crucial part of our lives this year?
“Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties,” Helen Keller famously quoted.
While different individuals have coined varied definitions of bliss, there also exist some fundamentally universal principles of happiness upon which anyone, anywhere in the world, can act. Whether you want to give meaning to your life or want that extra dose of happiness – congrats! Happiness is within your reach. We, at the Millionaires’ Sayings, have compiled a list of 12 surefire ways to achieve happiness this year that are universally applicable to every individual irrespective of their caste, creed, race, color, religion or nationality. Don’t forget to stick to your other New Year’s resolutions!

1. Maintain a happy, healthy diet

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As the old famous phrase goes, “You are what you eat,” expert nutritionists recommend people to eat healthy foods daily to remain healthy. Similarly, stuffing junk-food and other unhealthy diets into your system merely for the sake of tantalizing your taste-buds isn’t going to help you achieve good health and good frame of mind.

Research purports that a fruits-and-vegetables diet influences your mental health instantly. Take the example of bananas. Bananas are packed with potassium and lots of other nutrients. They are also a rich source of ‘serotonin’, a chemical responsible for elevating mood. Most depression patients lack this ‘happy chemical’ in their brains, so they resort to pills to overcome this deficiency.

With the dawn of New Year, it’s time for you to have a balanced diet on your plate, with adequate water consumption. Water is free yet we overlook its role as the key element in our lives.

2. Perform mindfulness meditation

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There are innumerable researches done on the effectiveness of meditation and mindfulness techniques. Being attentive to your immediate surroundings through meditation is a psychological process called “mindfulness”. Mindful meditation involves breathing techniques and training oneself to think positively. Such a practice is necessary for your overall health and decreases stress. By focusing on the present, a person’s memory and the ability to concentrate also improves.

So, unleash the inner creative genius within you by performing meditation.

3. Lead an active lifestyle

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In order to accomplish your goals, you need to be in good health and shape. Research proves that exercising daily leads to an instant boost of energy and endorphins. Endorphins are special neurotransmitters (chemicals) in our brain that get released when we physically exert ourselves. Exercise also increases blood flow to your brain.

Whether you’re an underweight struggling to gain weight, or an overweight trying to shed those extra pounds – exercise is your ultimate remedy!

4. Smile often

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Believe it or not, your smile affects the way you see and feel the world. As exercise is to the body, smile is to the face. It takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown.

Laughter also releases endorphins (happy chemicals) throughout your body, which kills minor pains within minutes. Laughter, indeed, is the best medicine in the world. So keep smiling to bolster your self-esteem and confidence. You’ll attract more friends than enemies in no time!

5. Try to love yourself

Don’t let others change yourself. Accept yourself the way you are, the way you were born.

Follow your dreams. If you can dream it, you can be it. Never surround yourself with people who don’t value you for who you are. Such people are not responsible for your happiness.

People may belittle and criticize you – have patience with yourself. Instead of worrying about them focus on your own self. Focus on what makes YOU happy because you cannot please everyone else. Finally, stop blaming your self for the bad decisions you had to make in life.

6. Sleep well

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Scientists and neurologists spent much of 2017 researching about the benefits of a good sleep. Certain sleep medicine specialists state insomnia as the leading cause of depression, suicide, and paranoia. People deprived of sleep for a long time may feel irascible, groggy, and weaken their memory span. Hence, if you want to stay happy you need to slumber well for at least 8 hours to remain fresh.

7. Help others

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“A friend in need is a friend indeed,” and you can get the most out of this saying by helping others. Whether it’s an old woman trying to cross the road or a thirsty stray dog on the street; everyone needs help. Humans are social creatures. We cannot survive without each other.

When we help others, even in a small task – our hearts feel calm. Other people get moved by our deeds and provide us with help when it’s our turn to be helped. People who are generous also understand how giving charity raises their level of happiness.

8. Follow artistic pursuits

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of art or not. You can always keep yourself busy with artistic hobbies. Learning new, creative skills may also sharpen your mind. So grab a pen to start composing poetry or a paintbrush to make that iconic painting! You could also learn to play a new musical instrument. Or learn a new language.

9. Use social media for brief moments

Studies show that people who spend most of their time on social media are the ones who get lonely, depressed, and prone to suicidal tendencies. Social media may project someone’s luxurious life and achievements, but it also negatively influences middle-class people. It may create a sense of inferiority in a person, leading to sadness. Using social media less would keep you away from negative emotions.

10.  Learn a new recipe

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Knowing how to cook can make life easy for you, even when you’re home alone. But learning how to cook different cuisines can give you exposure to different cultural tastes and is a source of accomplishment and happiness.

11. Spend money on experiences

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Money can’t always buy happiness, but experiences certainly give us the bliss that we so deserve. Try spending your money on experiences than material possessions. That way you’ll create a lot of memories to cherish for a lifetime and also get to learn something new that’ll broaden your horizons.

12. Take on a challenging career

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In conclusion, when it comes to making career choices don’t sell yourself cheap. Try to take on a challenging career; a career that would free you from the shackles of boredom and pave way for personal growth. It would break you from your dull routine. As you’ll begin to progress, you’ll genuinely be rewarded and happy.