Are you having a hard time making ends meet? Or are you just looking for ways to increase your monthly income? You don’t necessarily need to find a better paying 9 to 5 job for that. Making some extra cash alongside your current one can help just as much, if not more, to help you pay off those loans. Or perhaps get you that house you’ve been dreaming of.

Whatever the case, there are always a number of instant money making ideas for you to try. While browsing the internet, you’ve probably only come across scams or methods that apply to those with a good following. Hence, we understand if you’re losing hope. But we also won’t let you give up just yet. Of course, nothing worth having comes easy. Yet, if you know how to manage your time intelligently, or make better use of some of your possessions, you can go a long way.

Trust us on this one. Here are 12 ways to increase your income:

1. Drive For Uber

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Do you own a car? Have a license? Got good legal records? Then what are you waiting for? All you need to do is install the app and make an account. You can give rides whenever you’re free and you also get paid instantly.

To get more out of Uber, you’re going to need 5-star ratings. So feel free to be creative and add value to your service. Offer your passengers some gum, an aux cable or free WiFi if you can. Take your scores seriously. Many customers choose only those with ratings of 4.5 stars or above.

2. Rent Out Your Home

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Often times, people need to travel either for work or quick emergencies but can’t afford good hotels. Apps like Airbnb or PlaceMe allow homeowners to rent out their house or apartment for a few days. If you have a tidy home and are going for a short vacation or have an extra bedroom, this is your best bet. Not only will you make some good money, but might also make a new friend.

3. Paid Online Surveys


Research websites sometimes, pay respondents for their views. This isn’t a lot of money, but it is something. And if you take a good number of these surveys, you might even be able to make a couple hundred bucks per month. And that’s not bad at all.

4. Sell Something Online

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It’s time to let go of things that serve no purpose except the satisfaction of hoarding. But instead of trashing them, sell them online. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Those paintings you only make out hobbies? Exhibit them online. You can’t imagine how much people love to shop.

5. Make Use Of Social Media

If you’ve got a good online following, use it to earn some money. Make a youtube channel or a facebook page and post short videos that entertain. If you have even moderately good editing skills, start Vlogging. Make a video to recount your day in less than 5 minutes. Add some good music and humor. Teens dig it.

6. Play Video Games On Twitch

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Yes, that’s right. Video Gaming can bring in cash. So you can tell your Mama that you’re not a no-good, stay at home, 24/7 gamer after all. On Twitch, you can start a channel to stream all of your gaming adventures. Like Youtube, it will pay you for a certain number of views. If you have a good viewership, sponsors may reach out to you as well and you can also earn through advertisements.

7. Give Answers

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Believe it or not, you can charge people for your answers. Surely, you’ve heard of Quora or Yahoo Answers. Sites like these pay for good and successful answers. But there’s a catch. You’re going to need to have a good chunk of knowledge in the respective field in question. If you’ve been a nerd in school and have an upper hand in business or law etc, just find some spare time and answer some questions. Won’t be long before you’re talking money.

8. Freelance

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Explore your skillset and make use of them. Most large firms employ freelancers for occasional or one-time jobs because they want to keep their costs low. Advertise your skills on online freelance forums or browse through sites like Craigslist. The best part about freelancing is having your own work-schedule and not needing to commit to one job. You can choose jobs to your liking and you reject some when you’re busy.

9. Tutoring

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Many school-going students have a hard time maintaining their grades. If you’re good at a certain subject and know how to communicate concepts, take up tutoring. Make a tutoring schedule of after school or after work hours and share your knowledge. You can either go to the students’ homes, have them come to yours or even teach online. Desperate students who need good grades, pay pretty well.

10. Start A Small Side Business

Side businesses may require some time and resources, but if you can make the investment, hire some people to do the job. In the beginning, it might seem like more cash is flowing out than in. But if you’ve chosen a good or service of high demand and less market competition, you’ll eventually see a rise in returns.

11. Become A Social Media Specialist

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In this day an era, it’s not hard to learn the use of social networks like Twitter and Facebook. The internet holds a vast consumer audience and firms want to take advantage of that. Except they either don’t have the time or don’t know how to make the best use of these sites. Thankfully, you spent most of your day scrolling through Instagram.

Approach a business who’s looking for a marketer and manage all of their social media handles. Find out ways to increase online traffic and impress the producer. Post, like and comment. Be responsive to messages. Voila! You’ve made yourself some extra money.

12. Take A Second Job

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If none of the above-mentioned ideas work, you’re going to have to consider taking up another job. It doesn’t have to be long hours. If you can find a short shift, don’t hesitate taking it up. Know that a small number of hours equal a small number of money. But again, something is better than nothing.