Our memories with Ferrari go back to the time when our lives revolved around seeing them everywhere in our room – bed sheets to magazines, shirts, computer screens games and what not. Most of us have always been obsessed with knowing about new models and features of the greatest sports cars in the world.

The Italian supercar company has been in the market for almost 60 years now and is known as the symbol of status, speed and competition in the racing world. But there are still many facts and figures which we bet are unknown to even the craziest of Ferrari fans.

1. Alfa Romeo

Image Source: Facebook/ Alfa Romeo Passion

Scuderia Ferrari was first a racing team made by Enzo Ferrari which used Alfa Romeo cars. But as things got bad for Alfa Romeo financially, so they pulled themselves out of the race in 1933. This left Enzo with his team and garage alone for 5 years. In 1938, then Alfa came again with Alfa Corse and Enzo’s Scuderia Ferrari but as Enzo saw he could do well alone, he parted ways after a while and started making his own cars in 1939. The success that he got later made him hire several of his co-workers from Alfa Romeo to start Scuderia Ferrari.


2. The Origin of Logo

Image Source: Facebook/ Les Voitures Sportives

Ferrari’s logo is one great example of how to stand out like a royal brand in competition. The company has a prancing black horse on a yellow background. Its initial idea came from the parents of First World War fighter pilot Francesco Baracca. Baracca had the same horse on his plane and Enzo gratefully accepted it as his memory.


3. Why Ferrari’s are red?

Image Source: Facebook/ JayR Photography

Back in the 20th century, every national racing team had its own color. While British were in Green, French used to race in blue, Italy started to get recognized with Red when Ferrari rose to fame. Today when they make Ferrari in all sorts of colors, Red will always look the best!


4. Enzo Ferrari’s Attitude

Image Source: Instagram/ Enzo Ferrari

The world knows Enzo as a winner but little do they know that everyone who has worked or raced with Enzo tells that he is one of the most difficult people to have as a boss. He made more enemies than friends with his theories on racing and automobiles. Enzo always believed that competition is healthy and that was often seen among his own drivers. In response to this, Enzo once said: “an insecure racing driver is a fast racing driver.”  


5. Enzo gave birth to Lamborghini as well

Image Source: Facebook/ Silodrome

Enzo wasn’t the friendliest person to deal with, but with better hopes, Ferruccio Lamborghini once drove to Ferrari in 1960s to report a problem. Enzo, as usual, called him an idiot and told him to focus more on his tractors only, just the way Ferrari was more about supercars. Ferruccio in severe anger wanted to take revenge, so, therefore, he started his own supercar company.


6. GT40

Image Source: Facebook/ BookAclassic

Although Ford made this American racing icon, the credit for inspiration still goes to Enzo as Henry Ford II wanted to buy Ferrari. Both couldn’t land upon common ground and had arguments over the direction of racing. Ferrari refusal to sell made Henry furious as he ordered his developers to make a car that should beat Ferrari by all means.


7. Ferrari is still the most expensive car

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When it’s about the most expensive supercars of the world, nothing can beat Ferrari 250 GTO. With only 39 ever built, this V12 powered machine is often considered to be the sexiest car ever made and was sold for $52 million in 2013. Later to prove the authenticity of the deal, another ’62 250 GTO was sold during an auction in 2014 for $38 million.


8. Highest Paid Athlete

Image Source: Facebook/ Formula 1 2018

Michael Schumacher is one of the legends that F1 has ever produced. Ferrari employed the German racer at nearly $110 million which also made him come on top in the list of highest-paid athletes by Forbes for straight two years. In return, Schumacher won 5 titles straight from 2000-2004.