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There are numerous accounts of beautiful women encountering discrimination during the hiring process and also in the workplace. While we cannot negate the fact that yes, people do get envious of you in the workplace, but worry not! Because you’re at a greater advantage if you are attractive. The odds can always be in your favor.

A report by Business Insider suggests that attractive people are generally viewed as more intelligent and healthier than their average-looking counterparts. Moreover, good-looking executives have higher sales.

Other studies show that people prefer to like attractive females more than the average-looking ones. Surprisingly, they even deem them as more reliable and competent. This deduction is solely based on their good looks. Some of these assumptions may sound ridiculously stupid, but they’re inevitably common among people nowadays.

Nearly all the professions have stunning women in them. But ever wondered what professions attract the most beautiful ladies on the globe? Below are 15 jobs that proudly boast their beautiful women!

15. Those Flawless Air Hostesses

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When you’re traveling in the air – who takes care of you? A crew of air stewards, that’s right! Most of them are exceptionally good-looking with a skill for looking flawless. Their makeup never gets smudgy.

Ever taken a long-haul flight only to find yourself looking miserable with makeup stuck on your chin and deep, black eye circles under your eyes when taking off the plane? These are the ones who never seem to look unattractive. These women look as if they were busy taking beauty sleep on the plane. Who can forget their perfect, smudge-proof lipstick? Unfair, isn’t it?

And for the males flying for hours on end in the air – you surely enjoyed having good service with beautiful Air Hostesses!

14. Impossibly Beautiful Actresses

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It’s safe to say that this one out of all the professions, is obvious.  It’s a blatant fact that Hollywood is known for its incredibly beautiful actresses. Moreover, the entertainment industry could be partially blamed for setting unrealistic beauty standards for women everywhere. This is one of the main reasons for global women striving to achieve the ideal body shape. The media distorts their image of self-love because it’s not possible to look like those celebrities.

Although, we cannot deny the fact that showbiz world does have some average-looking people, but most actors and actresses are very good looking. A film is made a bit more interesting because you have some serious eye candy to ogle.

13. Receptionists’ Great First Impression

Usually, a person is hired due to their competence because their ability to do their job right is significant. But for certain jobs, it would be a boon to have an attractive employee with great abilities. One of these jobs that require a stunning person to sit at the front of the office, is that of a receptionist. Why? Because they’re the first person whom the customers see after they enter the office building. So, many people hire someone to put together and attractive to give a good first impression to their customers.

12. Good looking Swim-wear Models On The Beach

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It’s not surprising to know that swimwear models are also on this list. It’s because of their enviable, gorgeous bodies. Many swimsuit manufacturers hire such models to make their product look as appealing as possible. Which is why only beautiful girls become swimwear models, and the swimsuit looks incredible on their bodies.

It’s not impossible to be beautiful like these women, even though they have incredible genes. Because they also daily hit the gym and eat healthy food.

11. Beguiling personal assistants

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Many Hollywood films show a scenario in which a man ends up having an affair with his personal assistant. Hard to break it to you, but this happens in real-life, too. The reason why this happens frequently can be assumed down to several reasons. But the most obvious two reasons, apparently, are that the pair were working closely together or because of the personal assistant’s gorgeousness.

10. The Crowd-Exciting Ring Girls

The spectators of a professional boxing match always notice the beautiful girls who walk between rounds around the rings. They usually carry a sign indicating the next round.

It’s not a complicated job, but why are only charming, good-looking women chosen for this job? Because only good looking women get the crowds to holler when they appear in the ring.

9. Attractive Massage Therapists

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If you’ve ever been to any spa or massage center, you’ll always find beautiful women doing a massage. Such women are not only hired for their good looks but also because they’re fit. They are always in good health, so people always trust them. Their slim and toned body says it all – they’re strong.

8. Good-looking Executives

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Clients tend to like attractive people and usually respond well to them. There are a lot of good-looking executives hidden away in boardrooms or back offices. They might also be working in the office for long hours. But those women have an edge if they are attractive in leadership positions. Studies prove that good-looking executives have higher sales and overall productivity.

7. Beautiful Teachers

During school life, certain teachers stand out, but mainly due to their teaching methods. But who can forget attractive teachers? Yes, they’re also memorable.

An incredibly important profession like teaching also has some appealing people who work in this profession. This is probably why many teens develop crushes on their teachers.

6. Hardworking Waitresses

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People who work in the food industry are not always appreciated despite their hardwork. Such jobs require dealing with grumpy customers who get on a waitress’s nerve. Like all of the jobs in the service industry, it can always be an advantage to deal with clients if you’re attractive.

5. Personal Trainers Represent Good Health And Fitness

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If you’re a regular gym goer, you probably would’ve come across healthy, great looking personal trainers who motivate you to achieve fitness goals. These dedicated people help you succeed and let you shed the pounds to get a more toned body. They are fitness trainers who have worked hard to ensure that they’re the ultimate epitome of fitness. They certainly deserve a spot on this list.

4. Real Estate Agents

People who work in this sales position are in a way selling themselves due to their great attire and politeness. They don’t only sell houses or products, but attract people into buying their deals.

3. Those New Reporters Who Look Good On TV

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Not every reporter who appears on TV looks ridiculously good-looking. But such people also seem to be blessed in the looks department. They’re not only well-spoken and smart but also stunning.

2. Weather Looks Interesting With Pretty Weather Girls

Although most of us simply Google the temperature for the day, we do sometimes feel the urge to watch the weather channels. Weather channels accompany many pretty weather girls who are confident of what they do. They are also well-dressed.

1. Powerful, Magnetic Makeup Artists

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Some men dislike women wearing makeup because they feel as if it’s deceptive to the eyes. It doesn’t even matter if you have a thing for natural beauty or getting all dolled up, one thing is for sure: makeup artists are beautiful. Apart from being genetically blessed, they understand the power of cosmetics with their flawless makeup techniques.

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