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How often have you heard someone equating Talent with Success? I bet quite often. But is talent really that important for one to succeed in any field of life? What I believe is that ‘Talent’ is very overrated. For no one ever succeeds in life with just talent, one must have character and other essential things in one’s resume.

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The reason why I say this is that we see immense talents getting squandered every other day, on the other hand, we also see underdogs overachieving regularly.

Here are 15 things that require zero talent but can still make you successful in any field of life.

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No one is born with work ethic but everyone has to develop this virtue in them. You must have a good work ethic if you wanna succeed in life. Those who work like horses, reap the gains in the end. As it’s rightly said that: “Hard work is the key to success.” All accomplished individuals have a great work ethic.

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“Hard work without talent is a shame, but talent without hard work is a tragedy.”

Robert Half


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Body language defines you in a particular moment. If you know what you are doing or saying you will have a confident body language. But if you have done something wrong or you are lying you’ll have a defensive body language. Body language never lies. It needs zero innate talent but one can groom one’s body language with sheer practice.

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