You’ve probably heard that having a strong male influence is vital in a young boy’s life, but it’s equally important for daughters to have the same as well. A good father-daughter relationship can have a big impact on a young girl’s life and even determine whether or not she develops into a confident, strong woman later in life.

Even the most serious and aggressive men will most probably agree to a classy hairstyle with cute little pink pins given that the hairstylist is no other than his little daughter. He’ll even join her in her cute tea parties with all her favorite stuffed toys and pretend to sip from tiny cups. They’ll go on amazing adventures together, watch TV, have a fun day at the beach and much more. Artist Soosh shows the delicate love of fathers for their daughters in her beautiful illustrations. She shares her watercolor drawings on her Instagram account and uploads her drawing process in videos on her YouTube channel.

Every daughter thinks her dad is the most handsome.

Young girls are always side-by-side with their fathers. He’s the most down to earth and the most handsome guy on the planet.

Everything becomes more interesting if we do it together.

Fathers who do stuff with their daughters are always known to be full of life. They will never refuse their little girl for a little play time.

A house with a little daughter in it is full of different signs.

Having a daughter in your house means that the entire world will revolve around them. From different pen marks on the walls or some crazy mess that she makes. However, fathers will always never scold their little daughters for shenanigans like these.

There is nothing a dad can’t learn to do for his daughter.

A good father will always try to learn new and different things for his daughter. Be it learning to tie a pony or iron her clothes or anything else.

But even he needs his daughter’s support sometimes.

Sometimes fathers tend to be weak in life and requires the love and tender from their little girls.

Dad’s decisions are very practical. And funny.

Sometimes dads have to be a little foolish to make their daughters laugh and cheer them up if they’re throwing a tantrum. That’s the best way to make the little ones from crying any further.

Dad is stronger than the sun.

Dads will sacrifice everything to keep their little daughters safe even if it means blocking out the sun to give shade to their little girl.

He teaches by example.

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Modesty and generosity are always taught by examples. Being a good father means that teaching your little girl the meaning of respect and how to give back to the world.

There’s magic, even in everyday chores.

• breakfast time • eggs' shells in our omelette doesn't bother us at all. crunchy! 🍳 p.s. dear kind people, all who write to my DM, e-mail or comments – I am thankful to all of you for your letters and emotions you share! I know you want to have a print and working on it, to be able to satisfy so much demand. I keep in mind Father's Day on June, 19th as well, where many of you wished to have prints as presents. I do everything in my power to make it happen in time. Thank you! 🙏🏻 . #bysoosh #illustrator #illustration #topcreator #drawing #sketch #sketching #sketcheveryday #watercolor #watercolorsketch #watercolordrawing #fitness #kawai #fantasy #boho #cute #father #spiritual #inspiring_watercolors #love #art_we_inspire #inspiration #daddysgirl #kids #children #dibujo #art #artwork #365 #primitive

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The beauty of childhood, you find every small chore playful and when it’s with your dad it’s even better and awesome.

Dad will always take care of you.

Bath time is always important for little children and dads will make sure that their little girl always look like a beautiful flower whos about to blossom.

Swimming time is fun.

Every activity is a whole new adventure when the little one os with her father. Sitting on your fathers tummy while he floats freely is the coolest thing we have ever seen.

He’s always available for tea time

Dads are always busy doing their office work but when their little daughters come up to them, they will forget everything and make time for their girls.

He will sacrifice his sleep for you.

Sometimes daughters are unable to sleep and that is when fathers will sacrifice their sleep for their little girls. Even if they have to wake up early in the morning they will still sit by their little girl, reading stories to her and making sure she falls asleep peacefully.

Playing time is always fun.

Parents always discourage playing time for too long but fathers are the ones always seen playing with their daughters no matter where they are. If she wants to play with her father on a dinner, she will. Period.

Take a trip to wonderland together.

For her, the whole world is an adventure and when you add the father into the equation, it’s surely a wonderful world for her. No matter where she is if her father is with her, the world is an amazing fantasy land and she is the princess of that land.

And memories that will forever live in her heart.

No matter how old she gets. She will never forget her childhood spent with her father. Her father is the first man she fell in love with and that is always going to stay in her heart. Where ever life takes her, she will always keep his memories dear to her heart.