Numerous research conclusions prove that photos are the most responsive content on social media. 75% of the content produced on Facebook is photos. Photos get the most number of retweets, on twitter. Comparatively, any other content, for instance, links or status updates, does not get the same amount of attention. It’s very natural that people prefer visual interaction. It is simply more attractive and less time-consuming.

This is mainly why marketers have turned to photos for an increase in audience engagement. However, small firms find it difficult to produce their own images efficiently. Coming with ideas, design and capturing actual photos is time consuming and not child’s lay. So how can you get around to posting enough photographs a day, to keep your audience in touch? The answer is: TOOLS. Here are 17 tools you can use to create eye-catching photos to increase your social media interaction:

1. Canva

Canva has to be the most used image creator when it comes to social media marketing. The best thing about the app is the ease of going about it. You can have zero experience with designing but you’ll still be able to use this tool without any hassle. All you have to do is drag and release, and VOILA! You have your own masterpiece.

Image Source: Pinterest

2. Unsplash

No copyrights issues. No problem with using the app’s self-provided HD photos. It can be hard to find original photos that go with your content. Especially when you’re running low on time. Unsplash promises you 10 new photos every 10 days, all free for you to use the way you’d like. It wouldn’t be wrong to give the app and it’s one of a kind feature: ‘a 10/10.’

Image Source: Pinterest

3. Skitch By Evernote

Editing in detail can stress some marketers, particularly those who have no Photoshop experience. Skitch is a tool that will bring you a keyboard guide alongside your task, as you go about modifying your work. The main quality of this tool is the textual edits, making annotation much easier, faster and different. It comes with easy-to-use tools that let you blur, erase, add or subtract elements from your photos. It will also provide you with online folders where you can save your work.

Image Source: Pinterest

4. Pexels

Three words: FREE. STOCK. PHOTOS. Yep, pexel does not require any kind of fingerprinting to it’s photos. Again, you can use these photos any way you like, even commercial. They release about 70 new pieces every week.

Image Source: Pinterest

5. CloudApp

This one is another tool that will let you store your creations online and also, provide you with shareable links. If you’ve got it on the Mac, then you’re lucky. The new Mac version has some upscale features like GIF creator and or instant screengrab. It’s also a better choice if you prefer keyboard short-cuts.

6. BeFunky

This one is an easy-to-use but aesthetically satisfying image creator. You can do a lot with your photos, from collages to custom logos. It’s got categorized templates for different purposes. These include layouts for headers, body, and advertisements. They have 125 different animations available for free but you can always purchase a variety of other features.

7. Microsoft Office PowerPoint

What does a Presentation Maker have to do with image creation? Not much – except that it’s a REALLY good hack. You know, how they’ve got so many templates for your slides that you can choose? It’s all ready to use. All you have to do is enter your text, and you can use a slide as an image. They even have various layouts so you can experiment with text alignment and what not. You can type over your images by setting them as your slide background. You can add colors, graphics and lots of other effects. When you’re done, just save your slide ‘as image.’

8. Infogram

It’s not easy to make statistical data look appealing. When you add math, most tend to walk away. But here’s the thing, people want to know certain kinds of information in numbers. They like analyzing through measurements made available to them. Infogram will allow you good data visualizers. They could be pie charts, pictographs, maps, and just plain numbers too. But leave it to the company to give you the best possible look for all of your statistics.

9.  Pixlr

All you need to know is that Pixlr can be used as a free substitute for Photoshop – but it’s an online image creator. It’s got most of the tools you need to get that advanced editing going and making some of your best works of art. Pixlr also has filters, much like VSCO or Instagram. There’s a bunch of overlays, stickers and text fonts to choose from.


Another app for infographic material, is fast and, literally, very easy to use. It’s got ready made templates and all you need to do is add your data. There are many layout you can work with for free but for the premium experience, you’ll have to make a purchase.

11. Phonto

If you’re looking for an app that will let you go about your business for free and a lot faster, this one should be it. With Phonto, you can breeze through your creation. Upload, edit, style, annotate and download, only to upload again. It’s fast and it’s free, what more can you ask for?

12. PlaceIt

If you want to display a screenshot of your website or an app, and you’re just not satisfied with the visuals, PlaceIt will come to the rescue. Just upload the screenshot and let PlaceIt do the rest. It will create a mock-up that will look good enough for you to post online. You can download these anywhere for low resolution, but for better quality you can either embed, or just buy your photo.


Having difficulty with larger photos? Bigger photos take more time to load. But fear not, because will let you compress your images into a nice size that will load faster and will also remain good in quality.

14. Recite

Quotes are so much better when they are made into art. Many like to make wallpapers, covers and header images from quotes. Recite has some really attractive templates to compliment your favorite inspirational words. You only have to enter your text and choose a template, that’s all. And you’ll have yourself some really cool images.

15. Aviary

Available on both android and iOS, Aviary is an app that’s got it all covered. It’s the era of memes, filters and quotes and you want to fit in. Aviary will let you turn your humor into photos and edit that zit out off your selfie. Pretty much like most mobile image editing apps, it’s got the basic stickers, texts and alignment features as well.

16. Over

Known for it’s annotation, Over comes with a vast collection of fonts you can choose from. There’s also many different styles you can add your text with. Other cool features include blending, overlays, color samples and some ready-to-use work.