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We all dream about our lives, how it should be and how it shouldn’t be. It is easy to dream but extremely hard to follow the drive of our dreams. We sabotage our success sometimes by doubting ourselves and sometimes by having second thoughts about our journey.

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The result is we never get what we really want from our lives. We hinder our own journey. There is no quantum physics in learning how to wire your brain to function efficiently, you just have to follow some strategies to evolve yourself to get what you want from life.

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Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.

-Wayne Huizenga


It is necessary to figure out what you love but this does not happen overnight, it is a long arduous process of which takes your time. A mundane job won’t make current in your blood and won’t make you go after it. You need to find something you love and you won’t mind getting your hands dirty for it.

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You don’t always find your ultimate goal overnight, you sometimes have to try different jobs, have to volunteer with different organizations, you have to look for clues everywhere, and sometimes you have to look for mentors to help you.

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A growth mindset is the belief that intellectual abilities can be developed, while a fixed mindset is the belief that intellectual abilities are fixed and cannot be developed.

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When you want to venture new heights of success, you have to open your mind to new possibilities and opportunities. If you have a fixed mindset, you will doubt your abilities over a failure but if you have a growth mindset, you will find this an opportunity to learn new things. By having a growth mindset you learn new things, face challenges, and adapt in your life.

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