1- Number 7 license plate

(Image Source: instagram/talalkhouri5)

The plate has cost Talal Ali Mohammad Khouri a sum of $3.12 MILLION USD. The buyer is a businessman from Dubai and appears twice on this list as he is also the buyer of the second most expensive plate that ever been sold in the world.


2. Bugatti L’Or Blanc

(Image Source: twitter/ProbablyYuuko)

Bought by an unknown businessman from Dubai for a sum of $2.5 million, the Bugatti L’Or Blank boasts a body covered in a mix of aluminum and carbon fiber. Features like wheel center caps, fuel filler cap, and interior trim pieces, were all fashioned by German porcelain designer Königliche Porzellan-Manufacturer Berlin and most of it was designed by hand.

3. Replica of the World Car

(Image Source: instagram/elena_fleur_)

Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan or who the world popularly refers to as the Rainbow Sheikh belongs to the ruling family of Abu Dhabi and owns one of the largest collections of cars in the world including the replica of the world car. It’s literally a vehicle carrying the globe on it, built on a particular scale too. The replica of the world car is exactly one-millionth of the world’s size.


4. Palm Jumeirah

(Image Source: instagram/katherin_zz)

The Palm Jumeirah is an artificial piece of land whose shape mimics that of a palm tree. Created using land reclamation by a company owned by the Dubai government, Nakheel, the islands feature a monorail that is around 5.4 kilometers long connecting the islands to the rest of the country. Palm Jumeirah’s construction cost around USD 12 billion.

5- Number 5 license plate

(Image Source: instagram/talalkhouri5)

The price of this number plate is $6.91 million USD and the buyer is again Talal Ali Mohammad Khouri. This person is the same person who bought the fourth most expensive plate of number 7.


6- Aquaventure Waterpark Dubai

(Image Source: instagram/georgeseguna)

Sitting in Atlantis on the manmade Island of Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis is one of the biggest and most amazing water-parks in the world. Here, people can swim with the dolphins or go watch the sharks in one of the largest aquariums in the world. A risk-evasive “Leap of Faith” is one of Aquaventure’s biggest attractions: the hundred feet nearly vertical “free fall” slide is a nine-story drop all condensed into a five-second experience. There are ample inner tube slides, beaches, and water rides too.

(Image Source: instagram/giovanna_wright)

Ziggurat pyramid is primary to the water park’s architectural design, standing almost 100 feet tall in the background and foundation for many rides to function. The entire waterpark project cost 1.5 billion started by Istithmar (an investment firm in Dubai) and Kerzner International Holdings Limited.


7- Day of the Week Car Collection

(Image Source: instagram/motorhead04)The Rainbow Sheikh apparently is really fond of cars and the rainbow; he owns a different color of the Mercedes Benz 500 SELs for each day of the week. The colors of the collection coincide with the colors of the rainbow: Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Indigo, and Red ordered from back in 1983.

(Image Source: instagram/motorhead04)

The Rainbow sheikh has space made for gun racks big enough to hold three M16 rifles built into the inside of the trunk lid. These rifles, as well as the refrigerators and television sets on each of his cars, are customized to have the same color as the car.


8- Monaco Penthouse

(Image Source: facebook/gormanstudios)

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates owns the beautiful 18,500 square foot penthouse named La Belle Epoque. The Sheikh has paid over $300 million dollars in 2010 to buy one of most prestigious penthouses in Monaco.

(Image Source: facebook/LeGrandMag)

And its worth the price: the place features a double-height library, cinema screens that soulfully emerge from the walls, a dining room with a platinum leaf ceiling, wardrobes large enough for people to walk through them, leisure rooms with billiard tables and arcade games, a room dedicated to Jacuzzis and even personal spa. A panic room stands with glass and surveillance cameras to ensure the utmost security while the roof terrace gives the stunning sea views complete with an infinity swimming pool.


9- Burj Al Arab

(Image Source: instagram/laphotograffie)

Connected to the rest of Palm Jumeirah by a curving bridge, the Burj Al Arab is a massive 7-star hotel standing on an artificial island. Owned jointly by the Royal Family, the hotel is 590 feet tall featuring 202 bedroom suites with the largest covering 8,400 sq ft listed at number 12 on World’s 15 most expensive hotel suites.

The first seven star hotel to exist on an artificial island: Burj al Arab(Image Source: instagram/oh_snapxx)

Tourists can access breathtaking views over Dubai by a panoramic elevator on hotels or enjoy the large seawater aquarium in the restaurant Oyster via a simulated submarine voyage. A private helipad sits near the top of the hotel for anyone who wants to directly fly to the lavish tourist destination. The Burj Al Arab project cost an estimate of $1 Billion Dollars.


10- Gold ATM Machines


(Image Source: instagram/WhatTheFFacts)At the Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace Hotel has a gold ATM machine in its lobby for people to literally exchange money for Gold. Users of the gold coated ATM have a variety of gold items to choose from including gold bars weighing up to ten grams to customized gold cards. Gold rates are constantly updated every ten minutes to match international markets.

11- The Cayan Tower

(Image Source: instagram/dubai.impact)

Known as the Infinity tower before it’s inauguration, this real estate tower stands over 1000ft tall designed by Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill SOM architectural group. The tower has 73 floors above the ground with 5 are built underground. Located in Marina, Dubai, the property is a 6-minute walk from the beach. The Cayan Tower is the world’s tallest twisted tower and has roughly cost $272 million to build.


12- Inverinate Estate

(Image Source: facebook/ScottishMarketingAssociationUAE)

Owned by the Prime minister of UAE, the property spreads over 63,000-acre area located in Scotland. It features a 16 bedroom mansion, 16 bedroom hunting lodge, extensive gardens, private gated driveway, and even 4 helicopter pads. Said to be purchased 20 years ago for around $2 Million Dollars, it’s valued today can be over $100 Million.

13- Mall of the Emirates

(Image Source: instagram/malloftheemirates)
This mall sits with over 700 stores and services over 4 floors including the first indoor ski resort in the middle east. With over 90 dining, cafe options and 14-screen VOX Cinemas multiplex and Dubai Community Theater and Arts Center, Mall of the Emirates is an attraction for everyone and is said to cost around $218 Million dollars to build.

14- Number 1 Number Plate

(Image Source: instagram/saeedalkhouri)

The number 1 plate for Abu Dhabi was sold for $14 Million Dollars in the most expensive license plate auctions in the world. That’s around 7 times the price of Koenigsegg Trevita, one of the most insanely priced vehicles on earth. The buyer, Saeed Khouri, is said to like being number one and the best in the world which is why the hefty amount was paid for the number plate.