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Acing your classes, doing well on every test, getting the best grades and going to the best university is everyone’s dream. Some individuals are more gifted than the others, having natural intelligence at their disposal. Often making calculations of memorizing material faster than others.

But there is something that even the gifted cannot excel at without practice, and that is emotional intelligence. Ever wondered what that is? Emotional intelligence is the tendency to be able to have a grasp on one’s emotions and of others around them. To be able to effectively deal with any situation regardless of what emotion it induces. One should be able to adapt emotions to their own advantage, keeping the emotions of others in mind and act accordingly.

Unfortunately, although intelligence is common, Emotional intelligence is something that is not. We live in a society where it is more important to achieve success through numbers, rather than by becoming a better person. Educational institutes teach us how to perform a certain academic task, but doesn’t highlight how we may feel towards certain things. And in order to become a good person, and be successful, being emotionally aware and stable is of utmost importance.

Listed below are a few techniques. Focusing on these techniques and making relevant changes to yourself is the way to go if you want to improve your emotional intelligence. Keep scrolling to find out!

Build on your self-awareness

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Yes EQ is more to do with using your emotions to interact well with others but self-awareness is also very important. In order to interact or change your outlook towards others, you must first learn to control your own. This can be as simple as meditating or reflecting on how you generally are. Give yourself time, think about how scenarios around you affect you as a person. This will allow you to identify if there is a problem and what exactly triggers it.

The first step is to recognize your emotions, and how they behave at different times of life. Once you’ve recognized them, start categorizing them in order to get a better grasp on the bunch. Getting angry at something you shouldn’t be? Identify it, meditate on it, reflect on it before you actually begin the process of getting rid of it.

Observe more

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Staying inside your own head can allow you to control your own feelings, but it will not help you when it comes to other people. An integral part of EQ, like the definition suggests, is learning how to understand the emotions of others and then act accordingly. In order to excel at that, you need to observe.

Get yourself in a scenario where two people are conversing. This could be anywhere. The main aim is to try and decipher the emotions presented by others. To try and put together an analysis of emotions others put forth during a conversation. Go to the mall, coffee shop, restaurant, anywhere really and observe people’s emotions, behavior, and their body language. This will help you get better at reading to.

Work on mindful communication

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What is the ideal sort of communication? Where you have good listening skills paired with the right way of delivery of your own speech. In order to master mindful communication, you must take both into account.

Listen. This is the first step. Paying attention to what someone is saying and how they’re saying it allows you to identify what emotions they choose to display. You will also learn what kinds of words they use, and how they use them.

Secondly, pay attention to how your emotions play a part in the way you speak. And then master them. Delivery is one of the most important parts of communication. Learn to get a grasp on your own emotions during speech and identify how and what affects others from your words.

Alter your perspective

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Everybody has one perspective. They look at everything around them based on their internal beliefs and values. But they hardly stop to wonder, what if something that is wrong for me, may not be wrong for someone else? That is basically what changing your perspective actually means. To look at something from another point of view.

Mastering EQ requires you to look at things from a different angle than you normally would. When presented with something, take some time to analyze different ways of looking at it. It is only then that you’ll be able to see why something affects others differently than it affects you. It’ll also show you things that you never seemed to notice before.