Marriage can sometimes be a hard affair but couples who manage to keep the fun in marriage by finding humor in day to day annoyances and adding their quirkiness to it will make their lives much easier. As said by Jerry Seinfeld, ‘“Marriage is like a game of chess, except the board is flowing water, the pieces are made of smoke and no move you make will have any effect on the outcome.”

As the honeymoon period wears off, so does a bit of luster. I mean before you know you’re being forced to share your food, running out of the leftovers you saved for yourself AND your hoodies keep disappearing every day? But if you’re lucky enough to maintain a well balanced marital bliss with some healthy sense of humor, it seems married life will get a lot more amusing for you. I mean who wants to communicate openly when can you say the same thing with a laugh?

At least that’s what we think these hilarious couples have been doing. Probably written by frustrated and tongue-in-cheek couples who are apparently trying their best to have the last laugh. As realistic as they are funny, these very relatable tweets personify the everyday nature and temperament of married couples and show us that at the end of the day, marriage is all about compromise.

Here, we’ve gathered 40 tweets that hilariously and so accurately capture the essence of marriage.

1. Your wife knows you better than you know yourself.

Image source: Twitter/Steven37366100

2. Broke my heart.

Image source: Twitter/simoncholland


3. We’re all guilty of that feeling.



Image source: Twitter/EricaWhoToYou