“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

We have all faced those moments of bleak frustration when we feel bogged down with the daily onslaught of small problems and minor hindrances that accumulate day by day to exhaust us completely.

In those moments of extreme frustration and complete exhaustion, we feel that this is the end. This is where the dream gets abandoned. Our inner thoughts urge us to give up and try something easier, that our dream isn’t worth all this trouble, pain and hassle.

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All of us have felt these moments and reached these depths. In these moments, all of us face a moment of truth that forces us to make a decision: Do we go on or do we give up? How we respond to that decision is what will determine whether we will become the next great, successful person like Steve Jobs or pass on through life unnoticed and unaccomplished.

To help you make the decision to go on and stick with it, overcome emotional and psychological hurdles and continue chasing your dream, here are five simple reminders that will give you the strength, willpower, and grit to fight on and keep chasing your dream.

1. “I am worthy.”

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Before we even set out for a journey, we are plagued by questions. Can we count on ourselves? Do we have the skill to accomplish this? Is this too hard? Do we need to try something else? Maybe we just aren’t cut out for this?

We question whether we have even the basic capability to accomplish the first steps of your goals. We cajole ourselves with sweet nothings that tell us to put off the task and come back when we are ready, to procrastinate and leave it for another day.

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We need to remember that now is the best time. If we have decided to begin something, then we are already worthy.  Start with even the smallest of steps. Learn on the way and during the journey. No one is ever ready 100% before a task or a journey. But the only ones who finish the journey are the ones who take the first steps to begin it. If you start the journey, then you are already worthy.

2. “It’s normal to doubt myself. Even the most successful people doubted themselves before they realized their vision.”

When we face a setback or face a failure, the first negative thoughts that attack us are the ones of self-doubt which question our self-worth.

All of these thoughts are telling us to go back to our comfort zones, to go back to our warm, cozy bubble where we won’t have to try anything new, risk anything. If we don’t try, we can’t fail, right?

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In these moments, the mantra we must keep in mind is the conscious effort to tell ourselves that yes, we are worth. We can do this. Even if it takes a thousand tries and a thousand failures, we can do this and we will. We just need to shrug off the setback, ignore the pain, and try again and again and again. Until we accomplish our goal.

3. “There’s always a way.”

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One of the tenants of persistence is not just having the emotional strength and willpower to carry on but also the constant search for alternative paths in the face of dead ends.

What sets apart the people who give up from the people who keep working hard and eventually succeeding is that the hard workers don’t just keep digging at one end alone: They also try alternative methods and approaches in the face of stagnation and slow progress.

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When you have multiple approaches to a problem, then you always have forward avenues of progress. You will never be stuck anywhere because you will always have a backup, a side option and an alternative ready to pursue and keep your work going forward.

This will give you the impetus to never give up on the work will never stop and you will never get stuck.

4. “Passion and love guide me.”

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When love comes, love comes easy. The same goes for any passion project or hobby or activity that you love doing.

Imagine your friend who says he loves mathematics. We ourselves might struggle with it and find it dull and boring. At the same time, if our hobby is to upgrade and modify cars, it’s something our math-loving friend will find boring.

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Let yourself be guided by what engages you, makes you passionate and keeps you hooked. If you do, you’ll spend hours joyfully and carefully nurturing and working on your projects, perfecting them and detailing them. You’ll have to tear yourself away from work to take breaks, to eat and to sleep. Your passion and love will fuel you beyond exhaustion and frustration.

5. “All I can do is all I can do.”

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Perhaps the most empowering and most powerful reminder of all times is to do your best but then let go. We must understand that there will always be some factors and circumstances that will forever be beyond our control and we can’t change them. All that we can do is give something our best shot and then leave the rest to fate.

We must always be ready to give it our best but to then let go. Don’t hang on to ‘What ifs’ and regret, replaying the scenario in your head over and over again.

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Accept that you can’t control everything in life except yourself. Do your best and then cast it away. Let the universe decide from there on out. You gave it your best shot and that’s all you can do.

If you found these messages helpful and felt that they helped you overcome your mental barriers and increase your fortitude, then don’t stop here.

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