There are some people who only give discouraging feedback when asked for. Then there are those who criticize everything they encounter, even when no-one’s interested. Then there are 50 piles of crap, before those buzzkills who have sworn to walk, talk and breathe negativity.

These are people who don’t let go of any chance to make you feel miserable. They think your new dress is ‘too extra’ or maybe your plate of dinner needs a little less of those calories. No matter what kind of person it is, if their aura only depresses you, it’s best to steer clear.

Your success and happiness, both depend on your attitude. Yes, negative people will always try to bring you down by damaging it, mostly because they envy you. But you have to take measures to protect yourself. Here are 5 positive ways to rise above negative people:

1. Change The Subject

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If you run into a negative person, who is killing your vibe, it’s best to change the topic. We all know how vulnerable insecurities really are. Its almost impossible to erase them but once you do, it’s still just as easy to be a victim. When someone makes you uncomfortable by being so negative, the best thing to do in that moment is to change the topic. Talk about something they would like, or move the attention to them instead of you. Distract them, and also yourself, from introducing discouraging thoughts. Don’t allow them the satisfaction of seeing your self-esteem go down.

2. Set Boundaries Beforehand

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There are two ways of doing this. The first and preferred method is to just stay away. If you know that someone is super negative, just avoid them – but make sure it’s polite. Greet them in public situations, if you are acquainted, but don’t hang out with them or make relationships.

Another way to set a boundary is to let them know just how far they can go with their ‘ideas and suggestions.’ Tell them that you will not have anything that you didn’t ask for. Don’t be like a doormat that lets people walk all over it. Be bold. If someone is making you uncomfortable, let them know. If that doesn’t work, turn the tables. If they are that great at suggestions, then ask them how they would solve the problem, then.

3. Don’t Indulge In Pettiness

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Usually, someone with a negative vibe is just trying to frustrate you because they don’t like you for some reason. Remember this before you respond to their remarks. Most times, they humor themselves by getting you riled up. But you should know better than to play any of their sick and shallow games. The more you participate, the more they have fun. Don’t give them the pleasure. Show indifference, no matter how spiteful their words are. Realize that your comebacks are only going to make them feel better.

4. Forgive And Forget

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I know it’s hard, but it’s best to be the bigger person when dealing with negative people. If they don’t have a life and find their amusement in holding grudges and taking revenge, good for them. You don’t have to be like them. Don’t add fuel to the fire. Do yourself a favor and just forgive and forget.

5. Apologize If You Have To

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It isn’t always okay to say sorry when it wasn’t even your fault. But at times, the only way to settle things is satisfying the other party’s wants, and sometimes it’s by giving up. Negative people are stubborn. With noses in the air, they think they’re always right.

In a situation where they demand an apology, for no good reason, just give in. Say you’re sorry and move on. Think of it as charity. They’ll feel a little better about themselves, and you will have one less thing to worry about. Of course, this doesn’t apply to serious accusations. But if someone is constantly badmouthing about how you didn’t greet them upon entering, just apologize. You know you’re never going to prove to them otherwise.