Do you ever catch yourself scrolling through your crushes Facebook profile, only once you’re 6 years deep? Or right before an important task, you want to play your guitar? The same guitar that has been lying untouched for the last 2 years.

We all have guilty distractions that make us lose our focus, procrastinate and then later fill us with terrible regret. In today’s world, it has become much easier for them to come upon us With more accessibility, social media and diversity, it’s never long before the most useless things start fascinating you. But distractions are super dangerous. Deviating from your goal will cost you your success. So if you really want to break through these obstructions, you needn’t worry. Here are 5 easy ways that will help you focus better:

1. Identify and Eliminate

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Anyone who knows the struggle of concentration will tell you this. The first step in finding your focus is to eliminate everything that can distract you. Find out what makes you procrastinate. Is it Instagram? Is it Youtube? Netflix? Food? Don’t allow yourself near all of these things that could make you want to indulge in. Switch off your phone, and if you can, give it someone that won’t return it until you’re done with your tasks. Find a different place to work at. If you don’t need WiFi, go to the library, or someplace that doesn’t have it. If you work better outdoors, go to a park. Keep yourself away from everything that can deviate you.

2. Settle For Good Enough

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If you’re going to make up your mind about wanting everything to be perfect, you’re going to get nowhere. Perfectionism will only overwhelm you more, making you not want to start at all. What you want to aim for is; “good enough.” Be comfortable with the idea that getting anywhere with the task is sufficient.

Once you tell yourself that you’ll settle for less than perfect, then it’ll be easier for you to start. You won’t feel the same anxiety or pressure. As a result, you won’t avoid the task altogether. Consider this as a way of activating your energy for the task at hand.

3. Tackle The Hardest Task First

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Don’t let there be a choice. Make sure that your first priorities are all the more difficult and time-consuming tasks at hand. The harder the task, the more important it is. Again, these are also the most pressurizing of them. So you’ll really have the urge to avoid them and just start with smaller tasks. But only when 3 hours of your work time have gone to waste, will you realize that you’ve shown zero productivity. After this, you’re going to panic and let everything else be, except the hardest of your tasks. But by now, you won’t have enough time to complete them and at the end of your day, you’ll have nothing done. Your boss will be mad enough to fire you.

Oh, I’m sorry. Did I scare you? See, this is why you need to take your tasks more seriously. No matter how much you hate it. Do the hardest ones first and just get it over with. At the end of the day, even if you don’t get to finishing all of the smaller ones, at least you will have most of your work done. As a bonus, you’ll get to relax after your first tasks and you stress as much as you breeze through the rest.


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Specific: Set goals that are specific. Instead of planning to ‘work’ at a certain time, elaborate on what you will work on. For example: “I will run 2.5 Kilometers tomorrow from 9:00 to 9:30 am.”

Measurable: Be concerned with quantities regarding your goals. In the example above, you can quantitate your goal of running in the form of kilometers and time. This makes it much easier to achieve it.

Attainable: Like I said before, don’t aim for perfectionism. It doesn’t exist. Make your goals achievable. The bigger you think, the less likely it’ll be for you to keep your focus. To concentrate, think 80% and not a 100.

Realistic: The world is not a wish-granting factory. Be practical with your goals. Dreaming of owning a million-dollar firm by the age of 25 is senseless. No intricate plans or cheat codes are going to get you there. Get out of your bed and start working. Set goals that are feasible so there’s at least a possibility for you to achieve them.

Time-Oriented: Schedule all of your assignments. Keep a weekly planner. Update this planner every weekend by filling out all of the tasks you need to do by their respective due date and time.

5. Treat Yourself

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Whether it’s physically strenuous work or something that exhausts your mind – you’re going to need a break. You can’t concentrate on certain tasks for long spans of time. Doing so will create more damage than good. Have a snack, take a walk or check your social media for a few minutes between each hour that you spend focused on a task. But make sure you stick to the time limit and get back to work.

In the beginning, you’ll find following all of these steps pretty hard. You might not find enough motivation to start or you might feel like things are still somehow distracting you. Your breaks may be longer than necessary, too. But having the intention to concentrate is what is important. Just don’t give up, and eventually, you’ll see that you’re focusing a lot better.