We love Snapchat. We do. It’s one of the coolest and hottest apps in today’s world. Everyone loves recording videos, taking spontaneous snaps and sending them all over. And the filters are our favorite. The app allows us to change our faces with just one tap. You can choose to look flawless with a facial contour or you can be goofy with some dog ears. The app is, hence, an all-rounder.

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But the minimalism in the app hides a lot of features that it is capable of. Many users fail to realize that there’s more they can do with it. But fear not. Whether you’re a newbie or a long-time expert, these 5 tips and tricks will maximize your Snapchat experience:


Make Your Snaps Artsy With More Color

You can find your color pallet by tapping the small pen icon on the top right corner of the camera screen. I’m sure you knew about this. So there’s more!

If you drag your finger from the pallet towards the right edge of the screen, you will find that it stretches the bar to show more colors. Now you can choose from neutral colors, like black, white or gray, as well.

Add More Than One Filter To A Snap

You know that moment when you snap and you want to add the time filter but also a color filter? And Snapchat makes you choose so you reluctantly settle for one. Know the feeling?

Well, I can’t relate. Because guess what? You can add two filters to the same snap. To do so, just take a snap, swipe to add a color filter. Now hold the screen, while using another finger to swipe again. Voila! You’ve got two filters in one snap. You’re welcome.

Use A Night Mode To Snap In Darker Places

In dimly late places, like at a bonfire outdoors, it might be hard for you to capture a moment. Because just like your eyes, your camera needs light to see. For those darker places, you can use a night mode in Snapchat.

The night-vision icon appears as a small, crescent/moon, next to your flash icon on your camera screen. It only shows up when you switch your camera on in dark places. If it doesn’t show, and you need to use it, just cover your camera with your hand to trigger it on.

Change The Emoji That Appears Next To A Friend’s Name

These emojis are friend emojis that Snapchat has already set for you. For example, if you add a new friend, a baby emoji will show next to their name. While maintaining a snap streak with a friend will display a fire emoji with the score of your streak with them. next to their name. An emoji with shades, the ‘cool’ emoji will show up next to someone that you share a best friend with.

But if you want to spices things up, you can customize these emojis. Just tap your icon at the top of your screen, or the ghost if you haven’t made one. A screen should appear. Find a wheel icon on the top right corner and tap it. It should take you to settings. Scroll down and tap on ‘Manage.’ Then tap on ‘Friend Emojis’ and pick one for each type of friend.

Make Story Playlists

You don’t have to watch all of the stories on your Snapchat. And you don’t have to go back every time you’re done with one, only to pick another one. Here’s how to make a playlist of the stories of friends that you actually want to see.

Tap the round thumbnail next to your friend’s name, to select their story. You’ll see that their thumbnail has turned to purple with a check on it. Keep selecting stories to add them to the playlist. Once done, tap the purple button at the bottom of your screen to watch it.