So, you have been selected for an interview at your favorite company. Of course, it’s a big deal and you should do everything right to secure a job for yourself. While the right attitude counts a lot, your first impression depends mostly on the kind of clothes you wear for your big day. A good sense of dressing makes a statement on your behalf that you are there for business. It even impacts the opinions of interviewers about you.

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More often than not, we choose a newly bought suit as most of us have this assumption that it is the only way to look more serious and professional. But the truth is that there are still a lot of unspoken rules about how to dress up for an interview that people should learn.

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To make you aware of the most common mistakes that applicants make while dressing up for an interview, below is a list of things that you should consider before choosing what to wear.

1. Ill- Fitted Suits

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Fitting matters a lot as it not only enhances the outlook of your personality but the right style can only also happen with the right fitting. Even if you want to wear a suit, it should be adjusted according to your boy type. If you are applying for a job in the field of Marketing and Sales, suits play an even bigger role as they become your uniform for the job and therefore, should always be in style to impress.

2. Don’t be over the top

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No fancy stuff, please. We are talking about bow ties, bedazzled ties, metallic ties, offbeat colors for suits, shirts or pants. Interviewers in general, hate anything that might look too cool on an interview desk. After all, annoying the interviewer with your dress would be the last thing you want.

3. No Jeans At All

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Do you think that you can get away by wearing black jeans as no one really notices that much? You’re definitely wrong then! Wearing jeans on your interview day will always result in an extremely bad impression of you. Jeans are more suitable for casual gatherings and senior professionals always hate to see that in office.

4. A big no to sandals and sneakers as well

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Some companies do compromise on a uniform code as they believe that work is more important than being strict in dressing but that doesn’t mean one can also go for an interview in sandals or sneakers. Good shoes speak a lot about your personality, whereas, sneakers or sandals will always be a turn off for the interviewer.

5. Hide Your Body Tattoos or Piercings, if possible

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Expressing your individuality is one thing but following the basic principles is another, which also is equally essential. Your interviewer might not have the same mindset as like yours so it’s better to go for an interview with a more neat look. Interviewers like to see your confidence and body language so tattoos or piercings come off as distractions.  

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Now that you know the basics, we hope you nail your interview next time.