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There is no doubt that social media has become the most important mode of communication today. Many spend hours on networking apps, engaging with people across the world. It could be for professional or for personal purposes. The web is where celebrities interact with their fans, businesses advertise themselves, news regulates and friends and families connect.

Therefore, it’s natural for any marketer to want to increase their social media following. A larger following will consequently bring about a bigger audience response. If you’re looking for ways to generate attention towards your brand, here are 5 ways you can increase your social media following:

1. Put Your Handle/Username On Your Packaging Or Marketing Materials

Find ways to make your social media handles visible. From billboards to carry bags, print your usernames on everything you provide a consumer with. Generally, people don’t look up social media accounts of brands unless they are told to. Printing your handles will make it more likely for people to follow you on the internet.

2. Gift Some Products To Social Media Influencers

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Think about celebrities that your target audience might take an interest in. As a matter of fact, some social media personalities do promotional posts in exchange for free products. It’s a win-win situation. The person will get a free gift and you will get some quality advertisement.

3. Comment On Your Own And Other Active Accounts

Your comments appear with your handle on the side. So anyone browsing through an important page’s comment section will come across your account. This kind of exhibition increases the chances of people following you. A good comment thread will also convince more people to follow your account.

4. Find A Convincing Cause For People To Follow You

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Other than buying your product, find ways to make people follow you. Posting entertaining or informative content is a good reason. For example, if you’re a shoe selling brand, post facts about shoes or trendy styles that go with certain outfits or colors. Brainstorm through ways you can make people want to follow you.

5. Tagging

Find ways to get people tag their friends under your posts. Post a meme that relates to your brand or throws a giveaway. Tagged friends who might not have heard about your brand, and finding out about it in a fun way like this will compel them to follow you.


6. Use Hashtags

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Hashtags are a great way to get better exposure for your brand. Hashtags allow people who browse through the tag to see a post by you. Being a part of a trend is also a convincing reason for people to give you a follow.

7. Stay Active

Respond to messages as quick as possible. People are more likely to follow accounts that allow easy engagement than accounts that don’t. Also, don’t post too many posts all at once. Publish material at the time most likely for people to be active on social media. Research to find out when people are most active on certain social media apps and then post accordingly.