The path to success is a tough path but with discipline, it can definitely be achieved.

You’ve probably heard of many success lessons that guarantee to improve your lifestyle but in the end, you forget about them or they usually don’t work. Let’s admit it, we all have a different life and everyone goes through stuff that cannot be applied to everyone. But there are certain factors that everyone can apply in their lives. Improve yourself and be a successful person using these disciplinary methods.

1. Take ownership and don’t give a sh*t about others opinions.

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First off, keep in mind unimaginable happiness comes from a self-belief that is not influenced by others remarks of you. These ordinary people have no goals in their lives and probably have settled for what they have.

I don’t give a crap what people think about me or about my decisions. Although it’s important what my inner circle thinks of me(mentors, masterminds, geniuses)  however it’s rather annoying when someone whos not close to me try to impose their beliefs on me and draw conclusions based on decisions and my life. Stop caring about these people, they don’t matter. When you get old you’ll be surprised at how little you care, bring that mindset right now and flourish.

Second, be legitimate. I don’t establish a decent first connection with most of the people but that’s not really an issue. However, it’s equally important to be a humble person that will allow you to look at things in a bright light.

No matter how small you think you are in your life, how big you are, in terms of your personal matters or business relations, always be authentic, it’s who you are. Bring that unique identity of yours into play in your daily life and notice the difference by how everyone treats you.

2. Invest in personal growth.

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Albert Einstein once said, “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” Henry Ford said, “Anyone who stops learning is old. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” And my message is that you can’t grow a business past your own personal growth.

Look for some mentors. Sit with masterminds. Dig out your weaknesses into others and face them like a brave man rather than hiding from them, because we’re usually blind to our bad sides. For Eg, when I started making money, I bought a Rolex and thinking I was so smart than everyone else. That mentality was stupid and held me back.

Work on your personal growth as an opportunity to fix what’s broken and damaged within you. By doing this you will not only increase your confidence but also flourish in other prospects in your life.

3. Learn or retire. Choose one

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Many of us have this mindset that once we’ve left out school or college, we’re done with the process of learning. That is absolutely wrong. You must remain a student until the day you are buried in your grave. You must create your own syllabus for what you will learn next. What is the one thing you wanted to learn but couldn’t? Have an interest in cars? Learn about them.

Have you ever wished you could read every book in the library? Use that instinct to pick a new topic you know little about or something you want to know more about, and be your own guide/instructor. Do your homework, which sounds like a terrible word, but not when you’re giving it to yourself. You can always be learning. If you’re not, your desire for curiosity has been damaged.

If you’re no longer even a little bit curious about the world or the things you don’t know well, I hope you have the means to retire at a young age because you don’t have the means to be successful.

4. You have a responsibility.

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There comes a point in everyone’s life when they feel the need to make some serious changes in their lives and take things up a level. After much self-questioning, I came to a very simple conclusion that everyone can relate to very easily. If I wanted to be a more responsible, successful person, I had to make decisions on a daily basis that a successful, responsible person would definitely make. The power of this mindset is amazing and believe me it actually is.

How you make small, minor decisions will impact every other major decision in your life and that’s a fact. To take your success to the next level, you must inspect your values in a proper manner and how you make decisions re-programs your lazy mind so that when you make big decisions your brain is ready. Never take the lazy way out.

5. Be a leader and a student at the same time.

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You are the boss of your life. But always acting like a boss will not get you far with most of the people. Learning from those around you means acting like a student.

This attitude has surely helped me surround myself with small-scale entrepreneurs who are definitely making a difference in this world. They notice my willingness to learn more, improve my work efficiently and contribute to this world in a positive way. When I’m a student in an adults body, I love hearing others’ input even if it’s 100% criticism, because, I’ve used others’ criticism to improve, grow and overcome my weaknesses.

When the criticism is unreasonable, instead of being upset and angry, I realize that these are the things I need to focus on to evolve as a better human being, as a better boss and a better student. I know my self more than anyone. This protects me from anyone who is out to attack my inner person without any reason. When you have that inner confidence booming, you become an unstoppable force that is very hard to stop.

6. Concentrate on your personal life.


Taking care of yourself and balancing your personal life should be the top priority. This has been the main issue of my life for a long time. Every time I stop taking care of my health, my business starts to go down.

It’s not just about exercising consistently eating healthy. It’s all areas of life: physical, mental, physical and emotional. Schedule your things in an order. Like you do when planning a date with your partner or a game night with your friends. Take care of yourself with the same enthusiasm as you do for other things.

Allowing your personal life to grow will enable you to be more optimistic and your goals will become crystal clear.