Justin Bieber has been under limelight ever since. Lately, his engagement with Hailey Baldwin, an American model and television personality and the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, is the topic of discussion. Reportedly, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have canceled their wedding for the second time.

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In spite of all the gossips and controversies, Justin has lived through and is still living under the spotlight. At one point in his career, he was one of the biggest musicians in the world. With stardom comes the hefty amount of wealth, Beiber is said to have a net worth of whopping $265 million.

The Canadian superstar, other than supporting his parents, spends his money luxuriously and sometimes ridiculously. He never misses a chance of boasting his millions which according to him he has earned with sheer hard work. Be it designer clothes, high-end villas, branded accessories such as watches or bracelets, or be it ridiculously expensive supercars Beiber spends big bucks on whatever he wishes for.

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Here are some of the unbelievable purchases made by Justin Beiber

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The Canadian singer definitely knows how to live like a king. His relationship with the singer, Salena Gomez has made it to the headlines quite a few times. Once he rented the entire Staple center in Los Angeles just for a night with Salena. He had a nice fancy dinner with his girl and then they watched Titanic together in an empty arena. This might sound cute but this date was worth a crap lot of money, which was actually nothing for Justin.

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Two years back, Justin Bieber got pink grills worth $15,000. Reportedly, the grill is made up from sparkling pink sapphires. It took the jeweler five days to put this grill together in one piece. Also, it is said that it was made with six carats of gemstones. This accessory was made by Gold Teeth God in Los Angeles, who posted the shots on their social media as well.

Justin Bieber showed off a new pair of rose pink grills on Instagram
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The Canadian singer was seen in public riding the 2013 model of the Ducati 848 EVO. With a top speed of 159 miles per hour, Bieber’s Ducati was worth $14,000. According to resources, his Ducati is limited edition and Usher recommended the motorbike to Justin.

Image Source: facebook/Two wheels move the soul

Justin is a huge fan of Family guy TV show. In inspiration, he bought a Family guy necklace worth twenty-five thousand dollars. The pendant has 12 carats of precious stones consisting of multicolored rubies of white diamonds on a 14 karat gold.

Image Source: facebook/True fans of Family Guy

On this new year, Justin was spotted in Hawaii with her fiancee, Hailey Baldwin. He and Hailey spent New Year’s Eve in Oahu, but they were not alone. The couple had the company of their friends, which includes pro surfer Kelia Termini and Hillsong New York City pastors Carl and Laura Lentz. While his stay in Hawaii, Justin enjoyed body surfing, bonfires and house parties.

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Bieber is famous for spending ridiculously on partying. Reportedly, he spends 1 million dollars every month on partying. In 2014, Justin blew $75,000 for partying in Miami’s nightclub for just a night.

Image Source: facebook/Fans come and go – but Beliebers stay forever