Ever met someone who you assume is too ‘nice’ and your gut tells you that something is off about them? Well, this happens to a lot of people. Most of the times we meet someone, we try to determine if they’re truly honest or if they’re just pulling a fake image to impress us.

Sometimes you meet a person who is nice, caring and loving towards you. You may assume that they have a good heart. But the same person may be the complete opposite in a different situation, that’s what will classify them as fake.


In order to differentiate between such people, it is important to understand what kind of characteristics they share. Here are a few differences between someone who’s genuinely nice and someone who pretends.

Difficult to impress vs easy to impress

Genuine people are often those who like to express their views and have opinions based on their own judgment. They don’t like to go with the flow all the time and tend to criticize when they see fit. Making it difficult to impress them.

On the other hand, someone who’s fake will be impressed instantly by someone who they want to be impressed by. They may even go out of their way to agree with whatever that person is saying, regardless of their own opinion.


Comfortable always vs spotlight hunters

Although someone who’s genuine likes company of good people, they do not mind being alone. They may require ‘me’ time for solitude or retire in a corner drowning in their books. They need no extra attention from those around them because it’s not required to make them feel better.


Fakers in contrast like to be the center of attention everywhere. They enjoy being the topic of concern and like to indulge in all activities that make them stand in the spotlight. Such individuals survive on opinions of others and assume everything revolves around them.

Humbleness vs Showing off

Some people like to show off their every accomplishment. They may even go out of their way to lie in order to make themselves look better. Such people desperately want other to formulate good opinions about them.


But there are those who seem to be humble. They’re modest about their achievements and do not rub them in people’s faces. They keep to themselves and just do what they’re supposed to do. This is a sign of someone who is genuine.

Total honesty vs behind your back

If your friend comes up to you and criticizes something you’re doing and gives an opinion about why he/she thinks it’s wrong then keep them. It’s a sign of them being legitimate. These people would say something they feel to your face. Mentioning something negative about you in your absence is not a part of their personality.


However, there are those that despite being nice to you, gossip behind your back. They thrive on talking about others, especially if the person is not around to defend themselves.

Actions vs talking

Pure or positive people will always try to prove themselves through their actions. If they claim they’re caring, they’re not going to text you to remind you every two seconds but will take a stand and actually show how and why they care.


On the contrary, negative individuals tend to let their words do the work most of the time. They talk about what they can do and are willing to do but never act on those words. They may seem nice to you but what’s the point if they can’t even act on something they claim?

Selfless vs selfish

If someone gets upset when you’re upset and go out of their way to help you out, then that’s genuine friend/partner. They will look for ways to help and make things better without expecting anything in return. These individuals will never abandon you both in good times and bad.


Others will try to satisfy personal motives. They may even help without asking for anything but they may have motives such as doing a favor and getting one back later. Most of the times, they won’t even stick to you when times are tough. They will simply abandon you with an excuse.

Watching out for all vs putting others down

Truthful individuals will always look out for those around them. They will never talk them down no matter how bad the situation gets. Respect is something they demand not by words but by respecting everyone around them. What goes around comes around is one of their major beliefs.


However, many people will try to feel better by putting others down. They criticize others constantly in order to feel better about themselves. These people are extremely selective, only because they will have some sort of motive behind it. They act like they own everyone and their opinion is the only one that matters.