Brian Tracy talks about a study, which shows that the average worker wastes about three hours of the job in non-work-related doings. He explains that getting more things done does not only depend upon working harder but also upon working intelligently. An effective plan is what derive efficiency. The only way to successfully follow a plan is to make it a habit. Our habits are what we stick to, and they define how active or inactive we are on a daily basis. Hence, we bring you a list of bad habits that might be hindering your productivity at work and just how you can get rid of them.

1. Snoozing Your Alarm

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You might argue that you set a list of alarms before your actual time to wake up, and you snooze along just to give yourself more time to get out of bed. Yet, we’ll still tell you that hitting the snooze button is a bad habit. It’s not just about being late for work, it’s more about your health.

When you wake up, your body releases hormones that make you more alert. By going back to sleep, you make the process slower. The extra ten minutes of sleep is not enough to restore any energy, hence you’re only really wasting the activation energy that your body gifts you at the start of every day.

2. Avoiding Breakfast

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Food fuels your body – mentally and physically, and that’s why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 8-10 hours of sleep at night also means no intake for the body during that time. This is when blood sugar levels drop and your metabolism slows down. To shift them into alert mode, breakfast becomes the activation energy that your body needs. If you skip it, you’ll be left feeling fatigued and irritable for the rest of your day.

3. Procrastination and failing to Prioritize

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Most individuals tend to finish smaller jobs first just to get into the momentum before the harder ones, thinking it’s a good idea when it’s actually not. Considering that your willpower decrease as the day proceeds, experts suggest that you perform your most important and difficult tasks at the beginning of it.

Warren Buffet once heard his personal pilot’s disappointment for not being able to achieve his life’s goals. Buffet asked him to list the 25 things he wanted to do before dying. After preparing the list, he was to choose 5 of those things and do them, whilst ignoring the rest. This way, the pilot did eventually accomplish his objectives.

The idea is to prioritize. Most people have a habit of looking at tasks in their totality, instead of understanding each job in its own aspect. The better way to go about it would be to first list the more important jobs and get them done. Later, if you run out of time, you’re only going to be left with incomplete tasks that were not that important.

4. Distraction

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The number one time waster at the office is a distraction, may it be in the form of impulsive web browsing or social gossip. 64% of workers use the internet services at work for personal entertainment and 50% use the communication services for non-work-related calls and text messages. Many workers tend to indulge in gossip due to the proximity of cubicles. On average, a worker wastes 3 hours out of an 8 hour work day in fruitless activities.

The best way to avoid distraction is by blocking the things that tempt you. Turn off your notifications from social media, and work where others can’t bother you. Use site blockers on your computers and set a certain time for checking or replying to emails, instead of repeatedly going back to them.

5. Multitasking

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One really wrong assumption that workers seem to have is that conducting all of their tasks together makes them more productive. The problem with multitasking is that you focus more on moving from one task to another, than on a task itself. This harms the quality of your work, preventing you from giving your 100% to any task at all.

Scientific research proves that only 2% of the world’s entire population is capable of successfully multitasking. For the rest of us, it only confuses us more and makes us inefficient.

6. Attending Unnecessary Meetings

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If you’re not required to show up at a meeting, skip it. If you are, then make sure you don’t allow it to prolong. Time is a resource, and unnecessary meetings rob you of it. This also applies to your communication with your co-workers. Whether it be at lunch or during work-hours, keep yourself from deviating from professional conversations into personal ones.

7. Using Traditional Tools

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It’s the 21st century and you are still typing up each one of your email’s subscription information. Stop depending upon your memory to mail that paycheck. Here, use a post-it.

Today, it is super easy to automate some of your recurrent tasks. Think about how you can make some of your work take lesser time than usual. For instance, if your work includes writing similar articles, then type up a standard one that you can use by just filling in spaces. This way, you’ll save up time on formatting it. Brainstorm some ideas and try them. You’ll be surprised at how much more work you can cover in no time.