From Marconi to Tesla, we hear news about different futuristic business ideas, which get stolen. Humans are programmed to adopt the opportunistic approach. So, stay vigilant in your deals especially if your idea is worth billion dollars. In the end, it’s not only about having an idea – it’s about having guts to implement that idea and then you need instincts to lead it through the road. It is said,

Ideas pull the trigger, but instinct loads the gun.

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Over the years we have seen many cases of copyright, trademark and patent infringement. Even big companies like Microsoft were accused of forgery and had to face multiple lawsuits. Anyhow, you can protect your valuable business idea by following these simple rules.

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  1. Trademark your idea to increase protection.
  2. Your competitor might be looking for you to disclose your idea to replicate it. So, never reveal too much.
  3. If you want to disclose your idea to others, then be wise and use a non-disclosure agreement.
  4. Choose credible partners and workers, do some research on your end.
  5. Above all, follow your instincts.



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It’s always about how effective is your idea coupled with your implication. Mark Zuckerberg was accused of forging an idea which was initially put forward by his Harvard seniors. The owner of Facebook allegedly stole the whole concept of “ConnectU.” Three weeks after the launch of Facebook, the owners of ConnectU sued Mark Zuckerberg.



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Yes, even the world’s best cookie was not an original idea. Four years before Oreos hit the shelves, a food company by the name of Hrdrox ruled the world. Nabisco, an American manufacturer of cookies and delicacies, not only stole the idea of chocolate sandwich cookie but also competed with the former company.



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