Good people will stay till the end of time because after all they are the ones who run the world and with every passing year we see more men bringing a lot of difference in the world. It is unfortunate to see how the world is going through dark times but with the kind of initiatives these men have brought in the year 2018, there is a definite hope of a bright future ahead.

Together, these seven men, both old and young, have stood up for causes that would raise humanity to new levels and with their little steps in the right direction they are also playing the role of real-life superheroes. Let’s have a look at their stories for more inspiration in the year to come.

1. Sudhanshu Biswas

Image Source: Facebook/ Flicbox

After fighting for the pride of his country and protecting its people from the enemies, this 99-year old freedom fighter opened 18 schools and orphanages in West Bengal which has now become the primary source of free education and shelter for children. He is currently expanding his SRKS Foundation in order to add general medicine and homeopathy for the poor people living in his surrounding area.

Image Source: Facebook/ Raghavendra M Subramanya

2. Ashok Rane

Although Ashok was born in rural Maharashtra, he was always determined to write his own destiny. In an area where people always struggled to find the basic necessities of life, he fought for himself and the underprivileged people around him. He always acknowledged the importance of education and therefore after working throughout the day, he used to take classes for his electrical engineering diploma by night.


Image Source: Facebook/ Switch IdeaBut that was not all. In 2006, Ashok founded the Aikya Foundation where students were trained to become electricians at free of cost.


3. Rajagopalan Vasudevan

Image Source: Facebook/ Homegrown
This man indeed deserves all the awards for bringing the kind of innovation which is the need of the hour. The plastic road-maker of India, Vasudevan from Tamil Nadu has provided a revolutionary method to use plastic waste into constructing new roads. This will not only protect the environment but will also bring ease to people who live in rural areas. Due to his effort, he was also awarded the Padma Shri Award this year.


4. Prakash Bilhore

Image Source: Facebook/ Doraisamy Ranganathan

Losing your son in an accident is the most unfortunate things that can happen to a parent. The “Pothole Dada” of Mumbai went through the same tragic experience when his son’s car lost balance due to killer potholes and couldn’t survive in the accident. But despite all the anger and sadness, Prakash took the responsibility of saving more lives and began filling up every pothole across the city himself. Till date, he has filled up more than 500 potholes with stones.


5. Arvind Gupta

Image Source: Facebook/ Arvind Gupta toys and books

Remember the man who hosted the popular TV show Tarang in the 80s? He is back again with a bang as Arvind Gupta is now inspiring an entire generation to learn science. He is spreading awareness in schools by making short films which involve the explanation of various scientific processes and the making of toys.


6. M R Rajagopal

Image Source: Facebook/ Anavadya Deepak

This physician from Kerala is known as an expert in palliative care all across India and with that he has also set up India’s first palliative care unit at Kozhikode, especially catering to the pain of people suffering from terminal illness. Rajagopal is ranked among the top 30 anesthesiologists globally as well.


7. Bhajju Shyam

Image Source: Facebook/ Bhajju Shyam

Despite being born and brought up in a poor and tribal family of Madhya Pradesh, Shyam still managed to become an internationally renowned Gond artist. His most acclaimed work till now is ‘The London Jungle Book’ whose 30,000 copies were sold and it was published in five foreign languages. While learning the art, he used to work as a night guard and electrician.