Every man has a few dreams. Dreams which they want to work towards and fulfill at all costs. And for some, those wishes remain unrealistic and something from fantasies alone. These wants, are usually very common for the general population. A luxury vehicle, a grand house, lots of women around them and an unlimited supply of money.

But there are those in this world who actually have achieved all of this. One of such people is Dan Bilzerian. If you’re active on Instagram, you’ve come across his profile at least once or twice. Which explains why he has amassed a fan following of about 23 million people. But he isn’t an actor, an athlete, a TV personality or anything close to being ordinarily famous.

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So why all the hype? Well, Dan is popular for this extravagant lifestyle. His Instagram is full of pictures which indulge every man in awe and envy. While many criticize his overly excessive boasting, many envy it as well. Dan is a professional poker player, yes he does that for a living. And he’s used to medium to acquire unending wealth, which he isn’t scared to showcase.

The man lives in his private $3.7 million mansion. And he’s managed to fill it up with quite extraordinary things. Here is a list of extremely expensive items Dan has in his multimillion-dollar home.

A Military Truck

My neighbors fucking hate me 😂

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For a millionaire, owning a supercar, or a bunch of them is mandatory. Don’t get us wrong, Dan owns a couple of sweet rides as well. But there are some vehicles that blow the rest out of the water instantly. And one of them isn’t even a ‘car’. It’s a truck. Everyone’s initial thought here is that he owns a semi-truck which can be driven around the city. But no. His expensive adobe is equipped with a full size fully functional military truck, which is not only expensive but very difficult to come by.

1965 AC Cobra

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Speaking of other things that are not easy to come by, this car would make it to the top five list. The AC Cobra is considered worldwide as a classic of the motor industry. It’s old and difficult to maintain, but with a bank account like Bilzerian’s, it becomes a lot easier. He’s rarely seen driving this beauty, but when he does, he sure attracts a lot of attention.

Luxurious Pool And An Outdoor Jacuzzi

The picture itself is pretty self-explanatory. Dan is a big fan of outdoor activities if you catch the drift. His crib is equipped with a massive pool, which is the center of attention when people visit his house. It’s still utilized even if he’s just hanging around the 100 women who always seem to be at his house. There’s also a jacuzzi right next to it. Safe to say this guy is living the life.

Brabus G63 6×6 Mercedes

Back in LA, I missed this guy

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Semi-trucks are just not Bilzerian’s style. He opts for something a lot bigger and a lot more luxurious. And that is reflected in the picture above. The Mercedes Brabus costs thousands of dollars just to purchase. The beast supports six humongous wheels allowing Dan to take trips across canyons in pure luxury and class.

Mounted Remotely Firing Machine Guns

Because mounted remotely fired machine guns seem necessary

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One look into Dan’s life and you’ll conclude two things, he loves women, and he loves guns. Sometimes even more than women. But sometimes, he goes, out of his way to get the best and weirdest weapons out there. He recently posted a picture of his remote control mobile machine guns just casually roaming around the house. Kind of weird, but with money like Dan’s, the possibilities are endless.

Dune Buggy


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Dan can be surprising sometimes. Most of the times, he behaves like a typical man with unlimited money would. But at other times, his tastes are rather diverse. A look into his garage suggests that he doesn’t purchase cars just for the sake of them being flashy. Sure he has some flashy items. But he also has a couple of Dune buggies. He uses them to drive out into deserts and out to locations remote enough to test out his weapons.

A Gunroom

Missed my babies

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Many people around the world have their love for weapons. Some spend their lives saving up and building upon their small collection, one item at a time. But if you’re rich like Dan, you can just go out and purchase them whenever you want. And it’s exactly what he does. His house is equipped with a complete gun room. Ranging from pistols to fully functional machine guns. It’s safe to say nobody will attempt to rob Dan or even consider it.

Indoor Gym

My legs aren't getting bigger, I'm just buying shorter shorts

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Some people walk to the gym, considering it a workout. Others spend their time on the treadmill. But when you have a house that is big enough to support a gym on its own, why not build one? Well, that’s precisely what Bilzerian did. The man has his own indoor gym, which he utilizes to stay in such awesome shape. Oh, and he lets his guests join him as well.