Relationships can be tricky business. There can be lying, cheating and other various methods of deceit that can alter one’s opinion to love. But there are good moments as well. A good relationship has solid foundations. These can include being honest, having an emotional connection, enjoying each other’s company and the list goes on.

But how do you identify a bad relationship? Sometimes, bad relationships are a result of incompatibility. When two people just cannot get along. Where their likes and dislikes are totally contrary to one another. But there are other more ruthless reasons relationships can fail.

Imagine being involved with a certain individual who only uses you for certain reasons. Someone who pretends to be in love yet has ulterior motives behind their actions. In order to satisfy their own selfish goals, they use you as a medium. Sure, boys are blamed for being heartless and manipulative when it comes to relationships. They use women for their looks, for their bodies, and sometimes for reasons to satisfy their own emotional needs. But they aren’t the only ones.

Women can be just as heartless when it comes to using the other gender. They can use you to land powerful positions, or your wallet to fulfill their own dreams. In order to do all this, they just have to make you believe that you’re special. These things can make or break a person. Nobody is saying that all men and all women have this approach, but it’s better to be cautious. Here are 8 signs which will help you understand when a woman is using you for her own benefits.

You don’t get to meet the important people in her life

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It’s only natural that when someone isn’t serious about you, they will not take the important steps which are needed. Meeting her family, her best friends, her colleagues are all part of the process of moving towards something serious. So if you’re waiting for it to happen and it isn’t happening, then buddy we’ve got bad news for you.

She stays because she likes being associated with you

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This is something to be cautious about, especially if you’re someone who holds a powerful position in society. She may be using you to build up her own social status. Being involved with you romantically helps her position as well. There may be no love present at all, so be careful.

You do not have deep conversations

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Your conversations are usually about things that are associated with day to day life. She tried to have her guard up regardless of how long you guys have been together. Just to avoid that emotional connection from happening because that is not part of her motives.

She doesn’t really like the idea of paying

Whenever you guys step out or do anything which is related to spending, you’re not going to get it from her. You may not let her pay but in reality, she wouldn’t even if you wanted her to. Her idea is to get everything out of you, not the other way around.

She’s interested in how much you earn

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Bring up money in any conversation and you’ll see a shift in interest. She will suddenly be more attentive than before and will ask you questions about it as well. The more you earn, the more her interest will increase in what you’re saying.

It’s always about her

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For her, it’s always all about her. Regardless of the situation, in her mind, her needs will always come first. She will never see you as her equal no matter what happens. She wants to be the center of attention at all costs.

All she does around you is whine and complain

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When it comes to you, you’ll find it difficult to satisfy what she needs. She feels entitled to be treated amazingly, regardless of how it makes you feel. Every action and effort will be rewarded with neverending complaints.

She looks for excuses to get space

Despite you both being in a relationship, if she is looking for excuses to be away from you then she’s definitely using you. She looks for opportunities to be on her own because when she’s not getting what she wants out of you, staying close is pointless so be careful.