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For most millionaires, it took immense hard work, dedication and a lot of patience before they could achieve what they set out for. When we talk about the richest of the world, it’s usually about how they are the biggest business tycoon or founders of a revolutionary software. We praise them for the years of their struggle and sacrifice that brought them among the top wealthiest because we know that making big money isn’t child’s play.

Except maybe it is? Some might argue that wealth really only depends upon good timing and luck. There are a few examples of those who’ve won gigantic lotteries and turned rich overnight.Much similarly, the world has enriched these 10 teens for the most amusing reasons one could think of:


To remain confidential, the boy from New Zealand is referred to as Aaron. He makes $3500 every week by racketeering. With stolen credit cards, he buys gift cards, only to buy merchandise that he can then sell for profit. A person’s credit card information costs him just $6.5, which he attains illegally before he can buy stock worth hundreds of dollars. Aaron refuses to work with anyone from his native country, for safety purposes, but he has workers all over the world who do his dirty jobs.

He’s also got a side business – which is legal, in an attempt to cover for his corrupt one. He is currently in college, where he brags about in his Audi A5 and hosts the craziest parties all year around. Aaron is 18 years old and already has aspirations to make at least $50,000 per week. Most 18-year-olds only aspire to finish one season of their favourite Netflix series per week.

Danielle Bregoli

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All I need to tell you about this girl is: “Catch Me Outside, How ’bout that?”

Thirteen-year-old Danielle made quite an appearance on the popular TV show, Dr. Phil in 2016. Her behavior, especially towards her mother, was extremely crude and downright absurd. With her famous and viral dialogue, where she challenges the audience to catch her outside, Bregoli has attracted many sponsors and advertising agencies. Even though most criticize her mannerisms, they still obsess over her enough to make her richer than other teens.

Bregoli receives $40,000 just for making an appearance and goes about signing autographs like she’s a huge superstar. Notorious for bad behaviour and illegal activities, Bregoli has released some rap songs and music videos too.

Jordan Maron

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When Maron was 18, he was posting Youtube videos of himself playing Minecraft. With the usernames CaptainSparklez and Prosdonttalkshit, Maron gathered 9 million subscriber and more than 2 billion views. After becoming a celebrity gamer, sophomore Maron dropped out of college. Youtube became his only profession and soon enough, he bought himself a$4.5 million mansion in Los Angeles.

Maddie Bradshaw

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What was first an idea for her locker decorations became a profitable business of $1.6 Million a year. Maddie’s uncle offered her 50 soda bottle caps to use as accessories for her locker when she had run out of options. What followed was creativity and by the age of 16, she had her own brand called ‘M3 Girl Designs.’

M's didn't win but at least we got some bobbleheads ⚾️

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Maddie made an appearance on the TV show Shark Tank, and her work was impressive enough for the judges to invest in her business. Later, she sold her business and started a new firm called ‘Spark of Life’. Even before being able to drive, Maddie got herself a car and also published her book “You Can Start A Business Too.”

Gary Martin

At 15 years of age, this Irish chap was co-running a pub. FYI, the legal drinking age in Ireland is 18. The following year, Gary had made enough money to buy himself a house. At 17, he stepped foot into Real Estate and became worth $20 Million. With multi-million dollar property shares, Gary has become one of the most powerful but also the youngest business tycoons in the world.

Abbey Fleck

Posted by Abbey Fleck on Monday, May 30, 2016

Fleck was born in an era where people were extremely concerned about the way bacon was cooked. Bacon is in itself, not a very healthy food item, but to deep fry, it in oil makes it so much worse. At only eight years old, Abbey invented a way of cooking bacon vertically in a microwave. The outcome was branded as ‘Makin Bacon,’ and brought her a distribution deal with Walmart. Before she reached her teen-age, she had already become a millionaire.

Mike McDonald

Call it luck or call it technique, McDonald was making some serious money through his passion for poker. He started out with gambling when his parents pressed him to find a conventional job that he didn’t want to do. His worth as a teen was $5 Million and by his 20s, he was winning $10 Million with each game.

Courtney Stodden

At the age of 16, Stodden was doing beauty pageant and light modelling before she joined an online acting course with 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchinson. The Hollywood celebrity, known for his disturbing roles, had begun chatting with the teenage Stodden, without knowing her real age. When he did find out, he approached the girl’s mother about the relationship and informed her that he would stop everything that’s going on between them if her parents weren’t okay with it.

Surprisingly, Stodden’s parents let her call the shots, saying that it was her life and her decision. After the marriage, Courtney had become a filthy rich superstar as well.

Matt Wegrzyn

Wegrynz was making a huge profit by selling domain names, at the age of 17. To think, coming up with names isn’t a very difficult task. But the boy needed a good amount of research to stay on top of new ideas and trends before offering names that were profitable. Once he has a set of names in his mind, he goes about selling them like they are real estate property. He remarkably pitches his names to possible buyers and convinces them to choose his provided domain name. Some of his names have sold for more than a million dollars, making him one of the youngest technological entrepreneurs in the world.

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