How crazy can one possibly be for games? Normally, the answer would be ‘a lot’ because for some people playing video games is like the biggest happiness. But has anyone ever thought about stealing money from your father’s account only to buy fancy things in the fiction world?

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Sounds weird, right? So, this has happened in reality as a 15-year-old boy in Jalandhar stole Rs 50,000 from his father’s account only to buy more PUBG skins and gaming accessories. By doing so, he might have enjoyed playing PUBG on a whole new level for a while, but his cleverness created a lot of trouble for the father and himself.

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His father, who works as a bike mechanic, initially filed the complaint with an assumption that someone has hacked his account and stole the money. He was shocked to know that the amount got debited from his account without any OTP or transaction messages from his bank.

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The complaint was then forwarded to the cyber crime department by police, who after a thorough investigation into the matter, disclosed that the money was first transferred to a Paytm account and then someone used it to buy PUBG items.

One step after the other, and the investigation concluded at the incident; when the 15-year-old son transferred the money to his friend’s Paytm one night. The boy was smart enough to delete the OTP message from his father’s phone. He wanted to hide all the proofs but the little chap didn’t know that the cybercrime unit, which can track down any transaction, especially for such thefts.

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The boy was taken to the police station where he confessed his crime and later the father had to drop charges against him.

Fortunately, the boy only thought of buying PUBG Mobile skins, gamepads and other items via the Google Play Store. He was also not betrayed by his friend considering the amount of money that was involved. Anything opposite to the current results could have been more disastrous.

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PUBG is already turning out to be a dangerous obsession for the majority of gaming lovers. It is an online multiplayer battle royale game that attracts people with its networking model and how the game moves on with different levels. In such little time, the game has earned the status of being one of the best-selling in the industry, with over fifty million sold across all platforms.


And in response to the ever-increasing problems associated with PUBG, a number of PILs have been filed across various states in India demanding for a complete ban on the game.

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But before we focus a lot on the ban, it is important for parents as well to keep an eye on what their kid is doing on the phone. Besides that, one should also protect the financial and banking applications (like Paytm especially) with a password or a PIN.