You must be thinking about his tweets against Pakistan for years now, right? He has always been pretty vocal about the Indian in him and how he is always proud to sing for Bollywood. But, the truth is that Adnan Sami was on a mission for Pakistan throughout these years.

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Yes, Adnan has turned out to be the unsung hero of Pakistan, who is serving the country as an undercover agent in India. It is due to his efforts that Pakistan has been able to stay one step ahead of India on every crucial occasion.

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The secret was revealed on Twitter recently when people couldn’t hold back their emotions and started thanking Adnan Sami in response to his latest Tweet against Pakistan’s Ostrich mentality yet again.

On February 26th, The Indian Air Force crossed the Line of Control between India and Pakistan, for the first time since 1971, only to attack the camps of Jaish-e-Mohammad, who are said to have been involved in the Pulwama Attack. They further claimed of killing nearly 300 terrorists by dropping bombs on them but no causality has been reported from Pakistan’s side as of yet.

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This created a huge dispute on Twitter as Indian celebrities started congratulating the IAF and showed their support in the fight against terrorism. Adnan Sami was bold enough to address all the Pakistanis directly with his tweet as he called his ex-country a ‘bucket of shit’ for not agreeing with the news.

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But who knew that Pakistani trolls will have the best of the laughs after his one blunt tweet.

Almost all the Facebook pages and Twitter accounts from Pakistan started replying to him in the most hilarious and unique fashion, the singer eventually had no answer to them. In every tweet, there was a message of ‘thank-you’ for being the most amazing Pakistani undercover agent who served his country by risking his life in India.

People also went on to explain the ways in which he helped the intelligence agencies of Pakistan. Looking at these replies, you will definitely agree that Pakistanis have shut him up in the best way possible. Whereas in reality, the nation also believes that Adnan Sami is just an attention seeker who is trying to give one last hope to his music career with hateful tweets all the time.

کیا عدنان سمی واقعی آئی ایس آئی کا ایجنٹ ہے؟

کیا عدنان سمی واقعی آئی ایس آئی کا ایجنٹ ہے؟

Posted by Urdu Safha on Saturday, March 2, 2019

Adeel Raja had the most befitting answer that brought up Adnan’s name again in informing the Pakistani armed forces on time about another pre-emptive attack by IAF and this time Pakistan was efficient enough to strike down two planes of their neighbor.

Another user came up with a more savage reply that included a meme from an Indian movie in which Akshay Kumar angrily scolds his fellow actor by saying “Zor Zor Se Bol Ke Sabko Scheme Bataa De” (Okay shout! tell everyone about our plans)

Some users were even worried about blowing his cover and requested the others not to do it.

Adnan belongs to a military background whose father had served the Pakistan Air Force back in the 1965 war against India. For the sake of promoting himself in Bollywood, he chose the Indian nationality later but it seems like that he still couldn’t get the Pakistani out of him ever.

This was indeed such a masterstroke by Adnan Sami.