The world today is becoming a global village. Technology has taken over the business world. Social media has played a vital role in connecting businesses online. Instagram is one platform which is now widely used. More than five million businesses people are now using Instagram.It is a storytelling platform, you can post pictures and visually connect to your client. It has proved itself as a successful forum in helping businesses grow.

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Using Instagram for the first time might be a little hard but once you get familiar with, it is quite simple and easy to use. In this article you will learn how to use Instagram; starting from the very basic to the advanced version. Starting from how to create your profile all the way to posting your story and thereon.Then the next important step is to grow your following for this you need to know some basic analytical tools.

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Here are some basics tips for using Instagram.

Set up your account and profile

To join Instagram, you have to download its app. The app is available on google store, play store, Microsoft store and app store. Once you have downloaded the app it will provide you a guideline to get started. You simply need to follow the instructions provided. When setting up your account there are few things you need to keep in mind.


Profile photo

Your identity on Instagram is your profile photo. The profile photo appears in your circles therefore, you have to be very careful while setting it up. If you choose your company’s logo as your profile photo then make sure it is center aligned and avoid text in your logo as the profile photo is very small in size.

Profile information

To fill out your information the app will not require you to do but it is always recommended to do so. For this, you need to click on the edit ‘profile’ button. The two important fields to fill are your personal information and your company’s website information. You can also change your username if you want to.

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Well, now you have successfully accomplished the first step!!

Posting photos and videos

‘+’ sign on Instagram indicates that you can upload videos or photos just by clicking it. Once you click it you will be shown photos or videos from your gallery. You can either upload those and if you want to take a new photo or a video then tap on photo or video.

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Selecting your media

  • Want to upload a photo? Here’s how you get started. Click on the button with an arrow and choose your picture. You can upload your photo in portrait or landscape. After selecting the photo, you can zoom in or out and fit the picture in the frame the way you like.

  • Instagram allows you to upload 10 videos and photos on one Instagram post. To select your media click on the button with overlying squares in the right corner.


  • To make a video you just need to hold the record button and let it go once you are done. Instagram allows you to take video of multiple things. All you need to do is remove your finger from the button, move the camera to the new place and press the button again

Editing media

Another feature available on Instagram is editing what you have posted. You can adjust the brightness, orientation size etc.

Once you are done with editing move on to the next step.

  • While writing captions you can use hashtags and tag other accounts so they are notified about your posts.
  • Tag a friend
  • Share your posts
  • Add locations.

Posting stories on Instagram

A new feature on Instagram is Instagram stories. They appear only for twenty-four hours. This feature allows you to add a link to your website to your stories. Your followers can then visit your website. They do not appear on your or your followers’ profile instead they are hidden behind your profile as an additional feed on the app. To post stories simply go to your Instagram feed and then upload your pictures or videos.

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Find people to follow you

Next, you should find followers. The technique is quite simple. Connect your account to your facebook account or your contacts. The best way is to use Instagram’s feature i.e explore and search. Here is how Instagram helps you out

  • Type in keywords related to your business. Follow people who you think are related to you.
  • Check out Instagram’s recommendations and suggestions. Follow what you find is suitable to you and your business

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Comment on posts

To gain customer loyalty it is important to reply to their questions at the earliest possible time. You can reply by clicking on the bubble icon which appears beneath the picture. according to a research, 70 percent of the people follow the brands which are quick to reply. The rest of the 30 percent follow their competitors instead.


Change your profile to business profile

In order to promote your business, it is suggested to do so. This helps you in promoting your business. You can add information related to your business regarding your business. You can get analytical for your account.

All you need to do is

  • Click on the gear icon.
  • Then click on switch to business profile.
  • Link your Instagram account to the facebook page.
  • Then click ‘done’.

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How to use the analytics feature

The analytics tool helps you understand your business metrics, and help you understand how well you are marketing yourself.

You can use this tool by

  • Clicking on the chart icon
  • Find out about your number of followers
  • Your follower’s routine, activities, and their location.


How to use tools

Here are few tools which will help you in your business.

  • Photo editor by aviary: to edit pictures.
  • Adobe spark: helps in enhancing your Instagram stories.
  • Display purpose: helps in locating best hashtags.
  • Buffer for Instagram: for posting on regular basis.

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