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The modern era has seen technology take over our day to day lives dramatically and drastically. Specifically speaking, smartphones have taken over everyone’s lives. In the modern times, someone who does not own a smartphone is considered somewhat of an outcast. But it’s not for entertainment purposes only. Smartphones have become integral in helping you throughout your day.

Currently, two major softwares are controlling the smartphone market. These are iOS, limited to iPhones, and Android, which is much more widespread. Android software is present on phones ranging from Google all the way to Samsung. Many loyal customers argue that it’s the superior option with more extensive options than the latter.

An android phone is full of options which we may or may not know about. This article will give you some tips on where and how to use your options efficiently.


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Activated with a slight wipe across the keyboard without lifting the finger. This option is for the convenience of the user. Tired of picking up your thumbs to write word after word? Swipe across the letters you were going to use to form a certain word and the system will predict it, quite accurately as well.


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The security of your phone is of utmost importance. When keeping a security lock, options are important. Android provides fingerprint lock, PIN, password and most importantly the pattern lock. You can customize it to your liking and even make it invisible so that when you unlock it in front of someone, it’s difficult for them to determine. This can be found in the security panel in settings.

Google Assistant

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Google Assistant. Android’s answer to Siri. It can be accessed by long pressing the home button and after that it is completely voice controlled. It’s accessible on all Android phones running Marshmallow software and higher. It can control web searches through voice and can even read you the news if you desire. Also helps with other basic functions of the phone.

Drop down menu

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Accessible through swiping down from the top of most phones. This menu is the epitome of control in your phone. It’s basically a shortcut to all locations in the mobile. You can also customize it to display the options most important to you. Just drag and adjust them to how you see fit and voila!


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Multi-window. One of the pure signs of innovation to make life easier for the user. Using this option, the user can split the screen into two in order to perform two tasks at the same time. Now contained in most of the android phones, this option allows for extra customization. You can turn it on and off in the drop-down menu. Or simply hold and drag.

Camera options

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Compared to non-Android phones on the market, the Android has introduced various camera options as well. In Android, you don’t need to download a third-party app in order to make a video collage or get slow motion. All these options are placed on either the right side or left side of the camera app once you open it.

Advanced editing

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A little expansion of the camera talk. The phone also allows the user to instantly edit the pictures they have taken or use a filter before taking the picture. Much of these filters only existed in apps like Instagram but not anymore. Right along the camera options, there are filters. You can choose from a variety in order to take a perfect shot.

Health monitoring

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A built-in health monitor. This inbuilt app keeps track of your movements throughout the day telling you your progress. It can also be programmed to keep you up to your routine or tell you when you’re not doing enough.

Pairing devices

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In the setting options, click on devices. This will show you the devices that have been connected to your mobile before and those which are available. These are not only limited to Bluetooth alone. There are options such as Screen-mirroring where your phone can be projected on a television of the same brand.


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Customization is key and Android pays utmost importance to it. Each phone has its own range of themes that can be applied to your phone to suit your needs. There are also applications which can run different types of themes to match your preference. Get creative!

Daily news updates

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On most Android phones, if you swipe left, you get this board which goes edge to edge. The flip board keeps you up to date with everything that’s going on around the world without having to download an additional app.

Gallery options

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The gallery is perhaps the most interesting aspect. It not only compiles your photos but groups them according to how you want them. Creating albums alone is common. Now you can create stories or let your phone automatically create stories of certain events. Sort of like how Facebook does it at the end of every year.

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