Ever since Anushka Sharma stepped into Bollywood, she has been on a roll with back to back hit films at first and then after marrying with the love of her life, Virat Kohli. But this time, the world has found a doppelganger of the actress, that too in the name of an American singer and songwriter, Julia Micheals.

Image Source: Facebook/ First Buzz

A Twitter user ‘Senorita’, who also happens to be Anushka’s fan, shared a photograph that showed a striking resemblance between Anushka Sharma and singer Julia Michaels. The tweet went viral within a few hours and people couldn’t believe their eyes as looking at the comparison, it was hard to identify between both of the celebrities.

It all started when Julia posted her selfie on Instagram with her new blonde look. Senorita, on the other hand, took Anushka’s two-year-old picture and placed them side by side to let the world know about Anushka’s first doppelganger.

Image Source: Facebook/ Anushka Sharma

Fans had the best of laughs as they started tagging Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma on Twitter. They were too eager to know as if all three of them were aware of the coincidence. And if yes, then what was Virat’s response?

Image Source: Facebook/ Anushka Sharma

Once the tweet started trending, it caught Julia’s attention and in response to all the craze, she started a funny banter by mentioning Anushka in one of her tweets

Julia said “Hi, Anushka Sharma. Apparently, we’re twins. Lol.”

While this alone became another headline, Anushka was too quick to respond with a witty reply. The actress went on to express that she had been searching for someone all her life, who looked exactly like her. In fact, Anushka even told that she still carries a belief within herself from childhood days that there must be five more doppelgangers of herself out there in the world.

“OMG, yes! I’ve been looking for you and the remaining 5 of our doppelgangers all my life.” Anushka replied.

As that indeed was a LOL moment, Julia still came back with a more hilarious suggestion when she proposed Anushka to switch places for a day.  

“Let’s trade places for a day” – She added

With this offer in place, we’re sure that people would be waiting for Anushka response or if Virat would like a different Anushka for a day. But for that, we will have to wait before they reply.

Anushka Sharma was last seen in Anand L Rai’s Zero alongside Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif. Unfortunately, the film couldn’t work at the box office and received mixed reviews from the audience. But overall, Anushka’s performance in the role of a scientist, who also suffered from cerebral palsy was widely appreciated.

Image Source: Facebook/ Anushka Sharma

Whereas, Julia has just released a new song with Niall Horan titled “What a Time” after collaborating with Selena Gomez for “Anxiety”

Image Source: Facebook/ Julia Micheals