Have you ever been through a phase in your life where nothing was going in your favor and all you felt was being caged in that particular situation? Unfortunately, it happens to us all of us as that is what defines life. No one is ever born with any kind of manual in their hands and all we get in the end is hope, which drives us through the difficult times.

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But still, there are a lot of people out there who feel lost for the rest of their lives once they get stuck. They give up on reasons and ways to get out of that phase. Such people even try to build another life which is entirely opposite to their wish and think that maybe it is right for them. But in reality, they are just compromising without even fighting for themselves.

So before you feel bad about your life, with the kind of problems you are in, you should know how to bounce back with your power.

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To achieve that, the most important thing that you should do is know yourself. Once you have accepted your loss, it’s time to analyze how it happened, why did you lose hope and what really matters to you the most? It’s okay to see things not working for you entirely sometimes but always remember that everything is possible if you keep on trying.  

If you are in that phase right now, question your soul about things and in those answers, you will find a way. We have compiled 10 questions which you can ask yourself to find the direction and start your journey back to where you belong.

1. Are you doing what you really want to do?

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Most of the times we don’t even discover our true calling and while the ones who do, they tend to not go for it considering the risks involved with it. But the truth is, doing what you really love matters more than anything else as it gives you internal satisfaction and happiness every day.

2. How many promises did you make and fulfilled?

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We all promised ourselves to achieve the dreams we once had. But life trapped us in such a way that we forgot most of those promises. It is never too late and difficult to fulfill them again.

3. Will you break the rules for something or someone?

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While it indeed is a very subjective thing to ask, there is no harm in breaking the rules especially for anything that means a lot to you. Sometimes rules are just there to be broken.

4. Is there anything you can’t let go but you know you should?

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Life begins out of comfort zone. Of course, there will be things in your life which you can’t afford to lose but if you want to gain something even better, then losing the other becomes the only way to go for it.

5. Do you remember anyone you used to hate in the last 10 years?

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Hate is an unnecessary burden. While it is in human nature to hate anyone for obvious reasons, it still is better to let that burden go. Focus on your own self so that such things should not bother you.

6. If you were to die now, would you have any regrets?

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Don’t leave anything which would make you regret later. We only get one life and doing what we love is our basic right. Live your life in such a way that you should be satisfied with it once you are done living.

7. Are you afraid of making mistakes?

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If the answer to this is yes, there is bad news for you. Mistakes are a step towards achievements. The more mistakes you do, the more you learn and eventually the more you get to achieve. There is nothing in your life that you can really lose with mistakes.

8. What’s the difference between you and others?

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Would you like to be one of the ordinary people that you see every day or do you want to have your own identity? Knowing your character and differences is your strength.

9. Have I built my character?

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You should observe your character by being very neutral and critical about it. The ethical values that together make up your character define you. So make sure that your character is the one you always wanted to be known for.

10. If the world was to end today, what is the last thing you would do?

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We all know that deep inside we live for that one thing. Now is the time to do it more often, no matter what sacrifice you have to do for it.