In today’s world when pollution has ruined basic necessities of life from air to drinking water, we humans are compelled to find alternatives. Water is the most vital component of nature’s all creations and be it man, animals or plants,  survival without it is impossible. But unfortunately, most of it has been unpurified by waste that is carelessly disposed of in rivers. Our negligence has deprived a huge population of clean water. The only option now is buying bottled water, but this industry cares less about our health and more about making money. To benefit their business, they keep us unaware of the various demerits of consuming their products. Following facts might be a surprise for us:


1. Bottled water is less regulated than tap water

Tap water in all developed countries of the world is subjected to strict standards. The government makes sure that necessary measures are taken to keep the water supply free of fatal bacteria and viruses. On the other hand, the quality of bottled water is only checked once a week. on the other hand, it is also treated with disinfectants which can produce byproducts called trihalomethanes. This chemical can cause birth defects and even cancer.

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2. Plastic bottles are not sustainable

A large quantity of fossil fuel is used in the manufacturing of these bottles. Also, they are not biodegradable and most of them have to be “downcycled”. It’s ironic that these bottles of water are adding to water pollution.

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3. It is just glorified tap water at 10,000 times the cost

There are only a few companies that provide us with water from springs and mountain streams. Others just fill those pricey bottles up with tap water. They just filter it with ultraviolet rays. Moreover, according to research, bottle water contains phthalates, mold, microbes, benzene, trihalomethanes, even arsenic.

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4. Bottled water contains toxins

These bottles are lined with chemicals that might come out and mix with the water when exposed to heat. Some of these dangerous chemicals are endocrine disruptors. who would like to take such a huge risk with his body?

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5. Fashion industry is readopting tap water

Fashion industry suggests that we should be consuming tap water rather than bottled one. During FAshion Week 2010, AVEDA joined hands with New York’s Department of Environmental Protection to build up free drinking water fountains on the streets of New York.

6. Local water is same as local organic food

As people are moving from packed, tined, and ready-to-cook food to organic diets, may prefer plain tap water over bottled water. All you have to do is boil the water to kill all the germs and then it is healthy for daily consumption.

7. Go for reusable waters instead

Rather than carrying around bottled water, fill up stainless steel bottle with boiled water. They are the finest alternative that ensures good health and keeps you away from hazards. Also, if many of us shift to this method, we’ll contribute to minimizing pollution.