The primary objective of any large corporation is to maximize its profits. And one-way companies do this is by ensuring that their employees are spending their working hours productively. So how do you get the most out of your employees? The Chinese have multiple strategies. Unlike in the West where employee protocols are strictly outlined the Chinese don’t fear being sued by their workers.

This allows them to go to great extremes to ensure productivity. Sometimes these extremes are positive and other times negative. Here is one case of the latter.

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Chinese Company Punishes Employees For Not Meeting Sales Targets

As reported in the Daily Mail last month a Chinese beauty company made their employees crawl on a busy road as punishment. Yes, you read that right! The employees – most of them women – were forced to crawl on the road. While a male company supervisor walked ahead of them holding a flag bearing the company’s name and logo.

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Additionally, other workers filmed the entire incident and the video went viral. Eventually, police intervened and the company was reprimanded. The entire incident has garnered massive online anger. But this is not the first time an incident like this has occurred. Previously a video went viral of employees being slapped as punishment for poor performance.

Image Source: Twitter/SCMPNews

Despite public humiliation and corporal punishments, incidents like this continue to occur. So it is encouraging when incidents of a positive nature come into the limelight.

The Cash Mountain Bonus

In news brought to us by Shanghaiist, a Chinese steel plant had a lot of success this past year. And because of how much their employees had contributed to their unbelievable year’s profit they decided to reward them. Except this Chinese company didn’t just give them any ordinary bonus. Not at all. Instead of just writing a few checks they decided to have some fun and make a spectacle of the entire event.


With the Spring Festival coming up they decided to combine the celebrations with the distribution of the yearly bonuses. And they did that by creating a cash mountain. And no that isn’t a figure of speech. The company actually made a real-life cash mountain by stacking up bundles of money. See for yourself.

Image Source: Instagram/Shanghaiist

How much money did they give away?

If you’re wondering precisely how much money that cash mountain was made of the answer is 300 million yuan. Converting that to Indian currency makes around Rs. 314 crores. Can you even imagine? That much money lined up, on display, in the middle of a festival! It’s no wonder the images went viral. Just the idea of that much money being given away, by a company, to its employees, is unbelievable.

Image Source: Instagram/Shanghaiist

What amount in bonus did each employee receive?

The company has over 5000 employees on record. So with 300 million yuan and that many employees simple math puts each employee’s bonus at 60,000 yuan. That makes a yearly bonus of approximately Rs. 6 lakh per person. Which is an insane amount of money! The workers were amazed and ecstatic at the event. They couldn’t believe their luck! One person exclaimed that he didn’t even know what to do with this much money.

Image Source: Instagram/Shanghaiist

Other Amazing Bonuses

China isn’t the only place with some extreme employee stories though. India’s Savji Dholakia has been known to give his employees unbelievable gifts to reward them for their hard work. For example, some stories involve him giving away Mercedes Benz cars and even entire apartments. With stories like these – ranging from extreme good to extreme bad – clearly its very important to be working at the right company for the right people.

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With any luck, the coming year will bring us more of the positive kind of stories than the negative ones. And with the online backlash companies now face for treating employees poorly hopefully they will think twice before torturing and humiliating them.