Not all heroes wear capes. In fact, most heroes wear uniforms. Today we tell you a tale of such a hero.

Recently, a video went viral on social media. In the video, an Indian cop is seen rescuing a bleeding man who fell from the running train.

MP cop named Poonam Chandra Billore who is posted in Shivpur police station of Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh was seen running with a bleeding man over his shoulder.

Poonam showed an incredible presence of mind as he sprinted a distance of 1.5 km with the injured man and took him to the nearby hospital just in the nick of time, thereby saving his life.

MP cop Poonam Chandra Billore became a hero by saving the life of a bleeding man who fell from the train.
Image Source: facebook/thebetterindia

Poonam, 29, spoke about the incident in these words:

“It happened around 8:45 am in the morning (on Saturday, 23 February 2019) when I was on the dial 100 duty. A panic-stricken passenger aboard the Mumbai-bound Bhagalpur Express called the police control room in Bhopal and said that a co-passenger had fallen off the train and onto the tracks.”

As on the day of the incident, Poonam was manning a First Response Vehicle (FRV) along with driver Rahul Salkalle, when the control room alerted them the duo rushed to the spot.

The victim (named Ajit) had fallen onto the tracks, more than 1.5 km away from Shivpur Railway gate No 2. Due to the lack of a proper road, the police vehicle couldn’t go any further. So the duo decided to cover the distance on foot. According to Poonam:

“He was bleeding profusely. There were no available facilities. No ambulance or stretcher. We couldn’t have waited longer. Had we delayed taking him to the hospital, we could have lost him.”

It was at this time that his emergency training kicked in. As no ambulance had reached the spot, the constable did not waste any time. He took it upon himself to save the guy.

Here Poonam is seen rescuing the man.
Image Source: facebook/thebetterindia


“We were trained on how to act in times of crisis like these. So following what I had learned, I did not waste time. I picked him up, put him across my shoulder and sprinted. I had to save him. I couldn’t stop. So I ran as fast as I could.” Poonam recalled his heroics.

The driver, Rahul extended his full support. Upon reaching the vehicle, they shifted the victim in and drove to the government hospital in the nearby city of Seoni Malwa.

Ajit had been critical on Saturday, but now he has been declared as being out of danger by his doctors. When Poonam paid Ajit a visit the next day, the reaction of his family overwhelmed him. When Ajit’s father came to know that Poonam had saved his son’s life, the elderly man took hold of his hand and could not stop thanking him.

“I am just a cop doing my job,” a humbled Poonam said of his actions.

As soon as the video of the incident went viral on social media platforms several senior police officials, politicians and celebrities commended the policeman for his brave act that saved the life of the severely-injured passenger.

Senior authorities in the service including the DGP and Cabinet Minister for Higher Education, Sports and Youth Affairs of Madhya Pradesh, Jitu Patwari lauded Poonam’s efforts.
Not only that, the general public hailed him as a hero and saluted him for his bravery on social media. They even called the authorities to give him some medal or at least a raise as he has deserved it so richly.

When asked how he feels about his newly gained fame Poonam says,

“I am proud to be a part of the police service. And am happy that I was able to set this example.”

File photo of hero MP cop Poonam Chandra Billore.
Image Source: facebook/thebetterindia