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Millions of people die every day all over the world and soon people forget about them. Some, however, live their lives in such a way that they are remembered for centuries.


One person, in particular, passed away leaving the entire world in a shock. On 31st October 1997, Princess Diana died in a car accident at the age of 36. She was a kind-hearted person who spent her life helping the needy.

So beautiful, Lady Diana, you inspire

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In the accident, Diana got seriously injured and went into a coma. She was all alone when she got injured until a French Firefighter, Xavier, came to her aid. He is the only person alive who heard Diana say her last few words.


The Firefighter, Xavier, was invited to a show called Good Morning Britain.  There he revealed that when the accident took place, no one knew who was in the car. When he approached the destroyed vehicle, he saw a blonde woman sitting on the roadside. He was in a shock when he found out the who the blond was.

When she saw Xavier, he said: “She regained consciousness and looked at me and said, ‘Oh, my God, what’s happened?” Xavier tried to comfort her by saying “calm down we will look after you” and then she went into the coma again.

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Xavier had no idea that Diana will not be able to make it through. Later that night at 4 am, she was announced dead at the hospital. She was not alone in the car at the time of the accident. She was accompanied by a female driver who was in her last moments as well.

When Colin arrived, he was amazed to see the crowd standing outside the hospital. People living nearby reached the hospital the moment the heard about the accident.


Diana was known for her remarkable beauty. Collin wanted her to look the same even after she was dead. So, when he found out that her husband and rest of the family will arrive to receive her body, he got her dressed the same way as she did when she was alive.

This is one joyful photo !

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Despite the traditions of the royal family where only the royal undertaker can handle such issues, Collin arranged a French undertaker to do Diana’s makeup. Paul Burrell was Diana’s butler who got the privilege to do her hair and put the flower in her bed.


She was loved by people all over the world. Collin realized this when he saw the public getting out of control to see Diana for the last time at the hospital. People were seen rushing to the hospital, streets, and rooftops to see Diana one more time.

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On her way to the military airfield, there were millions of people on the streets who said their goodbyes. Some were seen clapping for the amazing life that she led to serve humanity. Whereas, back in London, people were found crying like little children all over the city.

Prince Harry and Prince William decided to do something special for their mother’s 20th death anniversary. They visited the new White Garden which was replaced by new flowering plants of white roses, gladioli, lilies and cosmos flowers.


Prince Harry and William continue to support the charities their mother was a part of. These charities belonged from all around the UK such as the National AIDS Trust, Great Ormond Street Hospital, the Leprosy Mission and the Landmine Survivors Network.

RIP our dear Princess Diana.

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It has been 20 years since Diana’s death, yet it still seems just like yesterday. She spent her life helping the people all around the globe. Therefore, when she died, she left a hole in the heart of those who adored her.