If you were given a choice to replace your body with someone else, who would you really pick? Probably someone who is in great shape has muscles or might be lean. But how about replacing your body with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson?

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It seems like Elon Musk had a similar desire as in his latest tweet, the co-founder of much hyped Tesla and Space X, got his face superimposed on The Rock’s body. It was edited with such perfection that Musk even claimed that it was a result of him lifting weights for a while now.

Now normally, this wouldn’t have caught Dwayne’s attention as his fans around the globe tag him up in such things every day but this picture by the controversial billionaire left The Rock surprised too and he couldn’t help appreciating Elon in his sarcastic tune.

Dwayne replied back with: “He’s. A. Beast. @elonmusk Handsome SOB too!”

As their amazing Twitter banter moved on, each reply had something special for fans of both the personalities.

In response, Musk again asked to stop making him blush and during the moments of budding bromance, The Rock added: “Tequila and steak on me one day, my friend,” and Musk happily agreed to it saying: “Thanks, that sounds great!”

The Rock chooses his guests wisely and makes sure he bonds up well with all of the leading men around the world. With that can we hope for an amazing collaboration between both? 

Image Source: Instagram/ therock

Musk loves sharing memes and this certainly was something on a whole new level to make people laugh. If we look closely at the photo-shopped picture, then there is a watermark in the upper left corner representing that this image was created with, an AI-based face-swapping app.

It was first shared by Twitter user @cameronrad back in February and fortunately for him, he got Musk loving it so much that soon it was all over the internet. However, the rest of Twitter also took it as an opportunity to troll the two gentlemen.

One person said: “Oh you two lol. WrestleMania Tag Team team up on the cards? Drive out in a Tesla, with Dwayne using a flamethrower out the window as you roll on down to the ring. Make it happen lads.”

Another went on: “The Rock should drive the Tesla pick up truck during the reveal event. Then free steaks and #Teslaquila for everyone! make it happen, @elonmusk”.

The Rock is gearing up for the release of much-anticipated film Hobbs & Shaw, which will hit the theaters worldwide on August 2, 2019, while Musk is busy with making Tesla a mass-market affair.