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You can tell a lot about a person by the colors they usually like to wear.

Color plays a huge role in our lives and sometimes we don’t even realize it. The selection of the colors we wear influences our emotions and moods. You probably thought that just a simple color cannot make you feel secure or make you feel uncomfortable, but it sure can. When you select a color or avoid it, that behavior can reveal a lot about your personality.


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There used to be a saying that black was the color of mourning and nothing else. You only wore black when you were grieving for someone or something. Fortunately, wearing black is no longer just to respect the dead, and it’s perfectly acceptable to wear it at any time.

It’s the color of total completion. It shows the idea of ’nothingness’. It’s also the color of elegance and luxury. In black, everyone looks amazing. The people who usually wear black mainly tries to rebel against their own fate and attitudes.


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Grey is often chosen by those who are scared of standing out or drawing attention to themselves, or alternatively who want to remain low-key in order to achieve a required goal. Grey is the most neutral color in the color spectrum, neither light, bright or dark. It can serve as the ideal background color too — and for various kinds of mind manipulation.


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Brown is often a sign that you’re used to doing things in a way which make perfect sense to you and which seems rational and reasonable. You try to avoid rushing into stuff, and you have a taste for physical exercise and quiet and peace. You are appreciated a lot by those who look for a sense of balance and tradition in others. Those who are repelled by the brown color are often searching for their sense of true self.

Light Blue

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Light blue is a sign that you’re a cheerful person and carefree. Such a person makes no genuine demands from others and expects none in return. You are not the kind of person who irritates the ones around you, finding your place in any group of people and fitting right in.


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You are a welcoming and a calm minded person who loves life to the extreme. You have a great sense of humor. Yellow is the color of relaxation – The one who wears yellow shows that a person is searching for freedom and relaxation as well as relationships which give them these things. They see this as the only way to know what they truly want from their life. A person who completely refuses yellow is often one who is empty inside, extremely irritated and feels isolated.


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For the person who is a fan of green, an aura of a blissful mystery is the key to your charming personality. For most people, you are a puzzle. Those who love green is often also a sign of a person’s sense of authority, superiority and strength. You absolutely want to be liked by others, you want recognition, and try to avoid the influence of others.


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The people who are fond of the white color have a sense of complete freedom, they are dedicated beings and believe that there are no barriers to achieve their goals and that life is full of possibilities. White is generally liked by everyone but only a few are hardcore fans of this color.


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Red is definitely an arousing color, having a drastic effect on the brain which helps to increase the blood pressure and fastens breathing and our pulse. Those who love red are generally purposeful and aggressive human beings. They are always moving forward without fear of the barriers in their way and even open to trying the strangest new things. Always aiming to strive towards exactly what they dream of. Strong-willed, passionate and quick-tempered.

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